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Benefit from acceleration programs tailored to each phase of your development

Benefit from Paris&Co’s expertise and network, and place yourself at the heart of the innovation ecosystem along with other startups, industrial partners and institutional players from your business sector.

Come join the Paris&Co innovation platform built for your business ! (Consult the list of thematic innovation platforms).  

> You will be incubated within a community of startups facing the same challenges,

> You will be in direct contact with key corporates in your value chain,

> You can experiment and test your solutions throughout the Greater Paris Area,

> You will participate in networking events and meet experts in your field,

> You will be immersed in a setting that gives you direct access to all the stakeholders of your sector-specific ecosystem.  


Your startup is launching or is being created ? You are looking for your first customers ? Apply for our one-year Seed support program

You are a startup in the growth and development phase ? You are seeking to accelerate your development and get new business ?  Apply for our 2-year Takeoff business acceleration program


Test your innovative solution in an urban environment

Test your prototype or service in real-life conditions in the city of Paris and measure its effectiveness against user expectations to co-build the city with its residents.

You will benefit from:

  • Proven experience in accompanying urban experimentation
  • Privileged access to the City of Paris services, its metropolitan urban innovation ecosystem
  • Access to the testing grounds of our Urban Innovation Districts
  • Support in evaluating and transforming your solution
  • Enhanced visibility for your solution and company

Find out more about Urban Lab, Paris&Co’s urban innovation platform.


Increase your opportunities to connect with the innovation ecosystem by participating in one of the 2 major events organized annually by Paris&Co :

Create new business opportunities during the day-long Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville 




Encourage Junior high/High school students to innovate, show them the latest emerging professions through Option Innovation