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Building a more efficient, better adapted city

Urban Lab is Paris&Co’s urban experimentation laboratory. Its mission is to orchestrate and accompany in vivo experimentation for innovative solutions throughout the greater Paris area. From startups to major corporates, we assist companies in testing their prototypes and services under real-life conditions. Urban experimentation helps them understand and anticipate user needs, in a logic of open innovation between entrepreneurs, city-dwellers and decision-makers.

What is experimentation?

Experimentation means beta-testing an innovative device or solution that has been designed but not yet marketed, under real-life conditions while targeting a specific market segment. It represents a key phase of the design and innovation process, letting startups measure whether B2B and B2C users will adopt their solution, and helping them improve it before taking it to market.


Experimentation process by Urban Lab

Since its creation in 2010, Urban Lab has

Urban Lab programme

Launched 14 programs

Urban Lab déploiement

Deployed 200+ experimentation trials

Urban Lab accompagnement

Accompanied 300+ companies