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A vibrant startup scene, world-class talent pool, new innovation players, access to financing facility, new hosting resources: Paris has everything it takes to be the global leader of urban innovation.

Paris, global leader of innovation

Paris boasts a concentration of high-performance startups and major corporate research centers, attracted by its world-class pool of skilled talent.

  • Paris ranks first in the EMEA zone for hosting fast-growing technology companies (Source - Deloitte Technology Fast, 2016).
  • Paris is home to Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies (Source - FT 1000, Financial Times, 2017).
  • Paris is in the Top 3 for innovation centers worldwide. That’s why they choose Paris: Facebook, Intuit, Samsung, Salesforce, General Electric, Cisco, Microsoft, AppNexus, Google, Intel, Nissan, Amazon, Naver…(Source - Capgemini Consulting and Altimeter Analysis).
  • Europe’s leading R&D cluster: more than 155,000 researchers and technicians + high R&D budgets.


A dynamic ecosystem with more than 10,000 startups in the Paris metropolitan area

New innovation spaces and events keep emerging in Paris, reinforcing an increasingly vibrant ecosystem.

New international players in innovation and entrepreneurship are seeing the light of day:

  • Many international innovation and entrepreneurship players have recently set up business here, attracted by the unique Parisian vibe: Station F, Techstars, Plug and Play Tech Center, WeWork, etc.
  • Paris also hosts a growing number of international innovation events: Viva Tech, Futur en Seine, Hacking de l’Hôtel de Ville, Paris Living City Awards, etc.


Fundraising is taking off

Thanks to the development of investment funds, opportunities to raise capital in France keep growing – the sky’s the limit!

The Digital Fund of Funds managed by Bpifrance was launched in 2017. It aims to invest in dozens of international investment funds in innovation capital (from seed capital to scale-up) based in Europe, North America and Asia.


New initiatives in favor of international startups

Several new initiatives have been launched to attract international entrepreneurs and facilitate doing business in France.

  • French Tech Visa: a simplified, fast-track procedure for three types of international tech talent – entrepreneurs, employees, investors - to quickly obtain a residence permit.
  • French Tech Ticket: a program designed for entrepreneurs from around the world who want to create their startups in France.
  • CIR, which covers 30% of all R&D expenses up to €100 million, is open to all companies.


Paris&Co programs designed for foreign startups

Paris&Co works throughout the year to attract and integrate foreign entrepreneurs to the Parisian ecosystem, in two ways: