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Natural Grass, turf of the stars

Natural Grass

Natural Grass unique hybrid turf technology has already won over thetop European sports clubs. They’re now targeting parks, landscaped lawns and vegetation rooftops in urban centers.

Olympique Lyonnais, Arsenal, and even Real Madrid... Bertrand Picard’s client references are the soccer player’s dream! But the founder of Natural Grass is not a ball player – rather, growing grass is his talent. Supplier of the most famous European clubs, his company owes it success to a unique in- house technology called AirFibr. A turf that’s 100 % natural yet anchored in an artificial rootzone that guarantees perfect playing conditions.

Troyes and Madrid, first success stories

The entrepreneur’s first experience was in the rarified world of corporate consulting, on the other side of the Channel. His “Eureka!” moment was triggered by a client portfolio that included several London football clubs. In 2013, after three years of R&D, Bertrand Picard perfected his hybrid turf technology. Commercial success quickly followed, and in 2016 he celebrated his first foreign contract with the prestigious Real Madrid.


Paris, the ideal playing field

Though the success of Natural Grass is a cross- border phenomenon, the adventure truly took root and blossomed in Paris. Thanks to Paris&Co, Bertrand Picard was able to boost his business, inspired by the advice and support of other startups he met in the incubator. Today his company headquarters remain in the French capital, and the label “Made in Paris” ensures the high quality of his know-how on the export market. Perfect timing! International development is the key focus of the Natural Grass strategy in the coming months. Along with innovation, with a new product currently in the works. Top global players, keep an eye out for the next new miracle grass...


“I initially planned to set up the company in England, as I was living in London at the time and had lots of contacts there. But I finally realized that Paris offered much better development conditions for my project. In France, there’s a wide range of financing solutions and support services for new business creation. There also seemed to be a larger talent pool here”, Bertrand Picard, founder.


The pitch: Designing innovative turf surfaces

Creation: 2013

Number of employees: 27

Incubation Paris&Co: 2009-2011



Download the book: Success stories of Paris&Co

Credits: Natural Grass

By Baptiste Roux Dit Riche