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In short

  • Creation date :

    02 September 2012
  • Incubation date:

    March 2018
  • Founders :

    Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger, Christian Yan
  • Website :

Nanoleaf light panels – beacons that shine from Paris across Europe

Founded in Toronto in 2012, Nanoleaf creates and markets connected light fixtures for interior design enthusiasts. In 2017, the Canadian company inaugurated its Paris office to expand EU market coverage.

When we present our products, we like to say that we create “light Legos TM”, says Philippe Delplancke, President of Nanoleaf Europe. The panels are small triangles of light that can be assembled into whatever shape the customer desires, combined with all the features of connected lights: voice activation, changing colors and customized dimming. Its modular features boost the creativity of a fast-growing clientele. Sought after by fans of interior design for their home décor, the Canadian triangles are also blossoming in commercial and professional locations: shopping malls, restaurants or corporate headquarters.

A portal to Europe

To better service the European market, Nanoleaf inaugurated its Paris office in 2018. Their priorities? First and foremost, to create a network of distribution partners in each country of the old continent. Then, a warehouse in the Netherlands for products shipping to the EU. Why Paris? Once the United Kingdom had been ruled out due to Brexit, Nanoleaf initially hesitated between Germany, the Netherlands and France. Paris ultimately won out thanks to the breadth and scope of its innovation ecosystem.


“From the outset we were attracted by the Paris&Co incubation offer. Before we’d even made the final decision, their teams had opened their network and provided concrete office space solutions through PLP_Explore, a welcome program for international startups. After thinking it over for several weeks, we realized that Paris was the right place for us to set up our European office”.


The pitch: Nanoleaf creates revolutionary connected objects using intelligent, energy-saving lighting solutions.

Creation: 2012

Number of employees: 51

Funds raised: $4 million

Incubation Paris&Co: March 2018


Download the book: Success stories of Paris&Co


By Baptiste Roux Dit Riche