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In short

  • Creation date :

    13 June 2013
  • Incubation date:

    January 2014 – January 2015
  • Founders :

    Charlotte Allibert
  • Website :

Librinova self-publishing reveals the great authors of tomorrow


In practice, the site offers a choice of 10 self-publishing formulas and 20 à la carte services for those who have found manuscripts at the back of a drawer. It costs €50 to market a digital book and up to €1950 for an offer combining all the services of a traditional publishing house: editing, cover design, physical distribution in French bookshops, promotion... It’s a truly strategic choice to shift from digital to physical publishing. By expanding its offer to the physical format, Librinova has significantly improved sales and revenues.


Bringing authors closer to publishing houses


Self-publishing represents just one dimension of a broader project that seeks to create bridges to traditional publishing. After initially offering literary agent services to its authors, this year the Librinova team launched a platform solely dedicated to publishing houses. It’s simple for publishers - and promising for new writers. Today, one out of every 50 Librinova authors signs a contract with a traditional publishing house. A performance that the startup firmly intends to maintain, despite a sharp rise in publications: currently 3 per day, soon to reach 2,000 publications since its inception.


First steps at Le Labo de l'édition


Though the Librinova story reads like a great novel, its founder Charlotte Allibert hasn’t forgotten that the first chapter was written at Le Labo de l'édition. Four years later, reinforced by a team of 8 employees, Librinova expects to double its revenues in 2018. And of course, continue to strengthen its relationships with the big names of the literary world. So, is self-publishing the new talent pool for great authors? It’s a winning bet.


The pitch: “My self-publishing house, my literary agent”


“From the beginning, we wanted our project to be fully recognized by the world of publishing. The support we got from ‘Le Labo' guaranteed we’d be taken seriously by our partners. This program let us grow alongside other entrepreneurs. We were all confronting the same problems, the same doubts. It was incredibly reassuring”, Charlotte Allibert, Founder of Librinova.


In short

Creation: 2014

Number of employees: 8

Incubation Paris&Co: January 2014 – January 2015


* Source IFOP (2013)



Download the book: Success stories of Paris&Co



By Baptiste Roux Dit Riche