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In short

  • Creation date :

    19 June 2009
  • Incubation date:

  • Founders :

    Yvan Wibaux et Éric La Bonnardière
  • Website :

Evaneos, travel off the beaten track

Evaneos team

Contrary to standardized tour operators, Evaneos offers tourists around the globe bespoke journeys designed in partnership with local agencies.


Participate in a treasure hunt in an Angkor temple, or learn the art of painting on porcelain in Portugal...: these are some examples of new family excursions offered by Evaneos. In the highly competitive world of online tourism, the startup is betting on a more authentic approach to travel. They select the best local agencies worldwide to offer clients a range of experiences they can’t find anywhere else. Since its creation, Evaneos has already accompanied nearly 300,000 travelers visiting some 160 destinations.

Trusting local professionals

The Evaneos adventure began in 2009 with a clear positioning strategy: turn traditional tour operator schemes upside down and put travelers in direct contact with local agencies - more experienced and less expensive! Ten years later, the formula is as fresh as ever. Visitors can access a broad range of excursions offered by 1,300 local agents and personalize their journey to their own specifications.

Evaneos: an international company attached to Paris

Though half of Evaneos travelers are no longer French (the site is available in 12 countries), its team remains very attached to Paris. It’s the result of a long history built together, namely thanks to incubation at Paris&Co. The company raised €70 million in September 2018, to pursue its great adventure.


“At the time, the incubator proposed a combined offer that let us benefit from both office space and funding support. Being based in Paris also made it easier to recruit new talents”, Éric La Bonnardière.


In short

The pitch: Personalized travel through direct contact with local agents

Creation: 2009

Number of employees: 180

Funds raised: €88 million

Incubation Paris&Co: 2011

By Baptiste Roux Dit Riche