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In short

  • Creation date :

    08 July 2013
  • Incubation date:

  • Founders :

    Ludovic Bordes and Kevin Vitoz
  • Website :

Arenametrix, the marketing platform for cultural and athletic institutions

Collecting data is good, capitalizing on it is better.Created in 2013 by two friends from business school, Arenametrix helps sports and performing arts professionals get to know their spectators.

Add value to data by extracting its essence and adapting the marketing approach accordingly. That’s the key concept of “data science”, the specialization chosen by Ludovic Bordes and Kevin Vitoz at l’ENSAE and HEC Entrepreneurs. After graduating in 2013, the two technophiles and sports addicts applied their expertise to sports data science. Tech4Team was born. After two years of hands-on learning, mentoring and market studies with Paris&Co LINCC plateform and another year of development, Arenametrix hit the marketplace in 2016.

Focus on the U.K

Three years later, the company has grown considerably and changed its name from Tech4Team to Arenametrix. On the one hand, its third round of fundraising garnered €2.5 million (the first two rounds raised a cumulative total of €750,000), and revenue has grown 5 to 10 % each month. On the other hand, its original sports focus has expanded to the cultural and performing arts sectors, with a current headcount of 20 employees. Today, the business collects data for a hundred or so clients (some of which are in Benelux and Switzerland), drawing up personalized marketing recommendations based on the data gathered. Its most well-known clients are les Girondins de Bordeaux, le Théâtre du Châtelet, le Printemps de Bourges... For these companies, marketing isn’t their core business – yet they are seeking greater customer loyalty and diversification. Arenametrix has a new ambition: to “convert the try” by expanding internationally. A trusted professional in London has recently joined the team to tackle the British market in the coming months. God save the data.


“The Paris&Co incubator facilitated networking and enhanced our understanding of what it really means to build a business. Paris&Co also helped us gain precious time in recruiting HR and accounting personnel.” Ludovic Bordes, co-founder.


In short

Creation: 2013

Number of employees: 20

Incubation Paris&Co: 2013