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In short

  • Creation date :

    27 November 2013
  • Incubation date:

  • Founders :

    Alvyn Severien and Gaëtan Gohin
  • Website :

Algama, a recipe for success thanks to microalgae

Formerly just a dietary supplement, can microalgae serve as the main course? Algama offers solutions to the food challenges of the future: health and ecology.

Alvyn Severien and Gaëtan Gohin had originally planned careers in finance or consulting. The first is a fan of natural dietary supplements, while the second discovered algae following an operation. This was the starting point for their idea to become partners and launch a new business, Algama. The premise of the Smart Food Paris innovation platform alumni? Make microalgae, up to now nothing more than a dietary supplement, a food source in its own right. The unique potential of microalgae comes from its exceptional nutritional properties and low environmental impact.



Coming soon: an antioxidant drink

Starting in 2013, hoping this resource could have a positive impact on food and nutrition, the partners set to work meeting scientists and signed a partnership with the National Scientific Research Council (CNRS) cell specialized in algae research. After 4 years of R&D, their product was born. In 2016, Algama raised €3.5 million in funding and joined the Paris&Co innovation platform, Smart Food Paris. It was a key step in their business development. The first Algama product was called The Good Spoon: egg-free mayonnaise with 60% less fat than classic mayonnaise, made in the Limousin region. No vegan proselytizing, just the possibility for consumers to choose a delicious and inexpensive plant-based alternative. Recently, Algama has taken on the American market, a place where this type of product is now standard practice – and the primary marketplace for global foodtech. In France, their mayonnaise is already distributed by Carrefour and Franprix, as well as specialized grocery stores. Their teams are currently working on an antioxidant drink based on microalgae. It’s scheduled to hit the shelves in 2019.


“Paris&Co is a true ecosystem where sharing experiences is key. Smart Food Paris gave each startup a chance to exchange contacts and recommendations, which is vital when you’re launching a new business without any experience”, Alvyn Severien, Co-Founder of Algama.


The pitch : Create a new generation of everyday food products based on microalgae.

Creation: 2013

Number of employees: 12

Incubation Paris&Co: 2016


Download the book: Success stories of Paris&Co

Credits: Algama