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Program dedicated to food sector actors committed to sustainably transforming the food system

We act alongside all the players in the sector, from farm to fork. Our mission can be broken down into 4 areas of innovation that contribute to continuously improving the food value chain:

  • Building a resilient economic model for solutions that emphasize local and short food circuits
  • Strengthening access to quality food
  • Encouraging food education development and disseminating nutritional information
  • Supporting the development of solutions that reconcile health and environmental protection


Our innovation themes 


+ Sustainable and responsible food         + Digitalizing the catering industry
+ Digitalizing distribution           + Food science
+ Food delivery             + Nutrition and food wellness 
+ Tomorrow’s food factories          + AgTech


Success stories


The most successful fundraising

16 M€


40 M€

40 M€



11 partners


Well-known, recognized brands have trusted us and continue to assure us their loyalty.