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Program dedicated to urban innovation actors involved in the sustainable transformation of our cities.

Alongside the ecosystem that thinks up, makes up and lives in the city (from startups to associations, from local authorities to large companies, researchers and citizens), we support the ongoing creation and transformation of the city towards more sustainable, resilient and creative models. We are committed to four programs to promote sensible innovation: a startup incubator, an experimentation laboratory, a support system for social innovation and a trend observatory. 

Our 3 missions : 

  • Accelerating the transition to action
  • Activating co-construction between actors
  •  Spreading promising solutions


Our innovation themes 


Energy transition       Low carbon construction and rehabilitation 

Real estate and new uses     + Mobility and logistics 

+ Urban ecosystems: biodiversity, water, air      Waste and circular economy

+ Production, consommation et comportements responsables

+ Responsible production, consumption and behavior

+ Social connection and inclusion


Success stories


The most successful fundraising

260 M€

160 M€


64 M€




33 partners


Well-known, recognized brands have trusted us and continue to assure us their loyalty.