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Program dedicated to transforming sports to improve both the practice of sports and the fan experience

Paris&Co brings together actors in the sports ecosystem committed to transforming the sector by promoting the practice of sports for all, by contributing to creating a more active and sustainable society and by supporting ecological transition within sports. Our mission can be divided into 3 pillars:

  • Participating in digitalizing the sports world and continuously improving the fan experience and the athletes
  • Encouraging sports practice for all and fighting against the effects of sedentarism
  • Supporting the development of solutions for tomorrow’s amateur and professional sports


Our innovation themes


+ Club 2.0         + Events

+ Fan experience           + Sport facilities

Performance            + Sports practice

Sports Health     + Sports and mobility     + Web 3.0


Success stories


The most successful fundraising

14,2 M€

10 M€

9,2 M€



12 partners


Well-known, recognized brands have trusted us and continue to assure us their loyalty.