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Program dedicated to health sector actors committed to continuous improvement in the health care system.

This dynamic ecosystem contributes to spreading innovation and integrating it into the patient pathway by making it easier to integrate new solutions into the patient pathway, helping to promote equal access to health for all and supporting healthcare professionals in their daily missions. We act in 4 key ways:

  • Developing a resilient economic model for solutions that promote access to care throughout the country
  • Raising awareness around responsible behavior and promoting access to prevention
  • Promoting related approaches to prevention (sport, health and nutrition)
  • Prioritizing creating solutions that reconcile health preservation and digital sobriety


Our innovation themes


+ Prevention              + Detection

+ Diagnosis               + Follow-up

+ Care               + R&D


Success stories


The most successful fundraising

190 M€


30 M€

10 M€



8 partners


Well-known, recognized brands have trusted us and continue to assure us their loyalty.