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Program dedicated to actors in the digital, cultural and creative worlds engaged in sustainable transformation of their sector.

We bring together a community of actors (startups, associations, local authorities, large companies, researchers) with a strong identity linked to the creative industries (defined as industries that involve the creation, production and distribution of creative, recreational, educational and cultural content). We are committed to two major initiatives: a startup incubator and a trend observatory.

Our mission can be broken down into 5 areas of innovation:

  • Building resilient economic models for solutions that promote greater diversity in creative, artistic and cultural offerings
  • Promoting content discoverability and accessibility 
  • Participating in the emergence of solutions in line with new uses
  • Encouraging the development of multi- and transmedia experiences
  • Supporting the development of solutions that reconcile entertainment digitalization with societal issues


Our innovation themes 


+ Audiovisual & Animated images         +  E-education & Edtech
+  Video Game            +  Press & Media          +  Sound & Radio
+  Music              +  Live performance          +  Self-publishing 
+  Digital edition                +  Audio book            +  Reading platform


Success stories


The most successful fundraising

2,5 M€

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A resource for professionals


The Labo de l'édition is a place dedicated to the world of books.
At the City of Paris’s initiative, we operate the Labo de l'édition.

The Labo de l'édition brings together the various actors in the book chain and accompanies them as they face challenges within an evolving industry. Training sessions, conferences, round tables, informal get togethers... Every year, numerous events gather the industry's players to discuss innovative topics such as bookstores in the age of social networks, digital technologies used by young people, new forms of writing and accessibility.





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