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Support for international businesses setting up in Paris

Paris&Co works alongside institutional and private-sector partners to help you plan your move effectively.
We provide practical support in setting up your business entity, recruiting staff, finding the premises you need and networking with your target ecosystem.

Our expert team will help with comprehensive advice every step of the way, in a process we divide into 4 stages:

1 - Weighing up a move to Paris

Before you take your decision, you need to be sure you have all the facts. We can help with extensive information and relevant examples in the following aeras: target market, business premises, arriving in Paris.

2 - Laying the foundations for your business

Paris&Co can provide you with initial guidance and put you in touch with professionals - including lawyers, accountants and real-estate experts - to help you take the right decisions

3 - Operational deployment

Information about your team (recruitment, employment contract and your business network)

4 - Setting up a lasting base in Paris

Once your project is up and running, we remain available for follow-up and provide any type of information that can serve your business.




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