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The startup JIB raises €800,000 to promote the autonomy of people with disabilities

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The startup JIB, alumni of HUA!, the accelerator dedicated to innovative solutions for the disabled, announces €800,000 raised from France Active, the Provence Angels and Angels Santé networks, as well as entrepreneurs in the disability sector.

Founded in 2018, JIB has developed a connected home device, with the aim of improving the autonomy and daily life of people with motor disabilities and/or loss of autonomy. To this end, the company has developed a kit of connected objects that offers easy use at an affordable price to automate a home. The user will be able to remotely manage their electrical appliances, such as turning lights on or off, opening or closing shutters, or using their voice to change TV channels. The kit is now offered in subscription form, which includes the devices, the application and the support service for €10/month, with no commitment. "Wiith JIB, our ambition is to create an international leader in assistive technology. Thanks to technology, we want to solve the essential daily challenges for the one billion people in the world who live with a motor, mental, visual or auditory disability", announces Thomas GROELL, CEO and co-founder of JIB.


From the outset, the startup has surrounded itself with stakeholders in the disability sector to target the frustrations experienced using existing tools and thus co-develop the most suitable and affordable solution for users. "[...] The startup was able to target the daily challenges of users and the frustrations experienced with existing tools to offer solutions that are intuitive, modular, quick to install and affordable for all. I have every confidence in the JIB team to develop the company with humanity, inventiveness and performance, and I am personally delighted to be living out the adventure alongside them", says Thibaut Delloye, investor and founder of Tous Ergo (a company specialized in solutions for autonomy and home care).


In three years, JIB has been able to demonstrate the effectiveness of its tools in carrying out more than 2 million essential daily actions (controlling one's TV or medical bed, making a phone call, calling for help, etc.). At present, more than 15 rehabilitation centers and nursing homes, around 400 people with a disability and 1,500 occupational therapists who are regular contacts benefit from the startup's assistance. With this first round of funding, the startup hopes to increase the number of beneficiaries equipped from 400 to 5,000 by 2023.

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