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Rhizome unveils its 8th promotion of startups supporting a new way to work post-crisis


Rhizome, Paris&Co's innovation platform dedicated to HR transformation and employability, unveils its 8th promotion of startups today. Selected by Rhizome's partners, experts and teams, these 9 startups are rising to meet new challenges within the HR ecosystem and all have the potential to support a new way of organizing work.


The call for applications, launched in May of this year, resulted in more than 60 applicants, organized around five themes: recruitment & employment; training & skills; work & organization; HR data; well-being at work. 

Projects included various proposals and broadly covered different aspects of the HR professions and the HRTech and EdTech 
ecosystem. Projects ranged from automating tasks, to managing musculoskeletal disorders, to managing general meetings. The applications reflected two main themes: how work is organized, especially when working remotely, but also aspects related to well-being at work, challenges that came to light during the Covid crisis. 

Nevertheless, one key figure stands out among the various candidate companies: 29% are run by women, compared to 8% during the last call for projects. These motivating figures encourage us to keep working towards our objective of reaching 50% female directors within Rhizome. 

The new promotion will also be presented at OctobRHe 2021, the annual event dedicated to HR and management organized by Rhizome, on October 12 on the rooftop of the Grande Arche de La Défense. 


Presenting the 8th promotion of Rhizome

Ask for the moon
Ask for the moon is a question-and-answer platform for high growth sectors.  A solution to speed up the circulation of knowledge between teams, whether through new recruitment or reorganization. 


Bee Ready 
Bee Ready is a training platform for on-demand video interviews. A new step in the candidate selection process, increasingly used by companies. 

Datarockstars offers training for all levels in Data Science, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, as well as a recruitment platform, to facilitate both recruitment and access to training in the data sector. 


Effency is the first digital coach in collective intelligence, providing solutions to build and automate customized learning paths in Teams and Slack for each learner so they can do their jobs more efficiently. 


M Work 
M-work is a startup that supports companies in organizing their remote working/working from home by allowing them to organize and manage their telework policies, while guaranteeing the best working conditions to all employees. 


Moten Tech
MOTEN Technologies is a positive impact startup whose mission is to preserve the health and performance of men and women whose muscles are a precious and irreplaceable asset, through a technology that "listens" to the sounds produced by the muscles and reveals their level of activity and fatigue in any situation.


At Origamix, physical and digital games, tailored to the needs and challenges of Human Resource professionals, are designed and implemented. There are five main areas of expertise: Assessment, Employer Brand, Integration, Training and Management. 


WeChoozWeChooz's mission is to facilitate social dialogue within companies and associations. WeChooz relies on its two areas of expertise: social law and electronic voting. Its flagship turnkey solution simplifies CSE elections for HR managers. 


WelbeesWelbees has developed TImeWiks, which aims to help companies better manage employees’ fatigue and well-being, in order to prevent psychosocial risks, by combining human sciences and data science to better organize work. 



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