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Dream Factory among the four Parisian winners of the first Creative Cities Challenge

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The 16 finalists of the Creative Cities Challenge, launched by the cities of Paris, Berlin, London and New York, in partnership with Bloomberg, have now been announced. Among the four Parisian finalists is Dream Factory, which will soon launch the first immersive cinema experience in France. The startup is incubated at LINCC, Paris&Co's innovation platform dedicated to digital cultural and creative industries.


The creative and cultural sectors have long constituted cities’ DNA and economic driving force, yet these sectors were among the first to be forced out of business when the pandemic began. The ‘Creative Cities Challenge’ challenges entrepreneurs and creators in the digital, technology and financial sectors of the four above-cited cities to come up with solutions to revive culture, identity and urban economic life. 
The Challenge’s purpose?  To come up with practical ways to stimulate economic recovery and address new health, legal, technological, and social challenges. It aims to provide a model for other cities around the world to draw inspiration from as they begin to recover.


One of the four Parisian finalists, Dream Factory, offers immersive experiences combining live performance, technology, and new narratives. The Dream Factory experience goes far beyond a simple film screening since it offers us the opportunity to dive deeply into the film universe for a whole evening. Through life-size sets, participative and immersive narrations, fiction suddenly takes the shape of reality. 
Dream Factory wants to use and reinvent vacant spaces by opening them to pioneering cultural events in France. The first experience proposed by the Parisian startup, entitled "No Fate", will take us into the science fiction universe created by James Cameron in "Terminator 2". 

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