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Successful startups and rising stars of Paris&Co

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Successful startups and rising stars of Paris&Co

Discover the new publication of great entrepreneurship stories from Paris&Co. Evaneos, Shift Technology, Algama, Navya, People Doc,... Find in this brand new book the most representative success stories of Paris&Co and future rising stars!

At Paris&Co, we’ve chosen to develop a model where every startup we mentor is a future racehorse. Some of them will never hit their stride, finishing the race early. Others won’t step up to the winner’s podium but will become fruitful SMEs, participating fully in local economic activity and contributing to the attractiveness of France.

Finally, a few of them – some examples of which are presented in the following pages - will achieve the growth and visibility of champions. The young companies featured in this publication are all pioneers in their field. They have taken risks, clearing the way for new business models and profitable new sectors of activity, thanks to the talent and intuition of entrepreneurs who are sometimes stubborn, who dare to try something new and inspire whole teams of talent to follow in their wake

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