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Paris Landing Pack_Explore season 6: and the winners are


Discover the new batch of Comet: 14 international entrepreneurs from all over the globe! 

With its thriving tech ecosystem, Paris is a perfect gateway for entrepreneurs wishing to conquer the European market. In order to help them deploy and boost their business on the French market, Paris&Co launched one year ago the Paris Landing Pack_Explore.The previous seasons hosted more than 50 startups from all over the world and various sectors that all spent one month in Paris&Co’s international incubator, Comet. The group of entrepreneurs benefited from a dedicated program of workshops on how to accelerate their business in the French capital. Some of them registered a legal structure in France, confirming Paris’ attractiveness for international startups. 

Who they are: - Environment, Energy - B2B, Hardware - Poland
Airly builds networks of air quality sensors that can be deployed across entire cities to enable real-time monitoring of air quality via an online map.

Bridgr - HRTech, EdTech - B2B – Canada
BRIDGR is a Marketplace that allows manufacturers to find and collaborate with qualified experts and technologies to digitalize their operations. 

ConnectData - Real-estate, Environment - B2C – Brazil
Technology startup focused on increasing efficiency to construction sector through predictive analysis, collecting data by IoT devices. 

Exportunity - E-commerce, Financing - B2C, B2B, Software, Hardware – Mauritius
Exportunity is the first trade platform designed for the trust-based trade practices in the African region.

Fleexer Team - Social & sharing economy - B2B, Software – Canada
Team sourcing platform and tools which develop successful and innovative ideas that multiply rapidly with open collaboration. 

INSTO / Installments Inc - E-commerce, Social & sharing economy – Software – USA
INSTO is the world's first person-to-person installment payment and schedule payment platform. 

KEA Medicals - Health, biotechnology - B2C, B2B, Software – Benin
KEA Medicals aims to interconnect African hospitals through a single database in order to manage the whole patient medical information and provide an easy access to health care. 

Mash&Co - Cultural & digital industries, EdTech - B2C, B2B, Software – Italy
Transmedia interactive content for Kids and family. 

MySmark - E-commerce, Tourism -B2B, Software - Ireland
MySmark is a customer experience toolbox for understanding and augmenting the emotional connection with consumers in travel and commerce. 

Piipee - Environment, Cleantech - B2C, B2B – Brazil
Piipee is a solution that eliminates in 100% water usage in urination. And cost less than water! 

Sharp-Plus Inc – Pet care - B2C, Hardware - South Korea
A remote-controllable robotic ball camera enables you to interact with your pet in distance.

VR Tracker - Cultural & digital industries, Virtual Reality - B2B, Software, Hardware - Canada
VR Tracker enables true multiplayer and free roaming VR experiences thanks to its tracking technology. 

Wekiwi France – Cleantech, Greentech - B2C, B2B – Italy
Wekiwi is the first online energy supplier, low-cost and with innovative tools. 

World Tech – HRTech, EdTech - B2C, B2B – USA
World Tech shapes how the world learns. 


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