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Fluicity : When being a citizen becomes a natural daily act

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Fluicity team

Paris&Co, which has been supporting young companies for 20 years, recently welcomed its 1000th startup : Fluicity, managed by a woman and specialized in the civictech industry. Presentation of a company which aims to reinvent the link between citizens and politicians.

Head of the civic tech Fluicity, Julie de Pimodan was deeply inspired by her experiences as a journalist in several Middle Eastern countries during the Arab Spring, inventing a platform that facilitates dialogue between citizens and public decision makers.


Daily citizenship through concentric circles

It’s a simple observation: public participation, whether for private companies or local authorities, is more and more central to the decision-making process, if only for questions of performance and productivity. And digital technology has revolutionized the relationship between these entities and the public.

The platform positions itself as a trustworthy third party between citizens and elected officials, and between end users and companies. “Average citizens never have time to think about the general interest. We’re trying to capture their attention by combining different ways of participating in the debates that interest them, all in one place – we’re betting there will be more participation if they don’t have to reconnect to other platforms”, analyzes the young entrepreneur. Concretely, users connect to their space via smartphone or computer ; by activating their GPS, they can join in the conversation at any time through surveys and polls, responding to calls for ideas, projects proposed by local government or citizen alerts... The same platform lets them contribute to public debate in their neighborhood, city, region or even Europe, since the European Commission is one of Fluicity’s newest clients. Citizens can also put forward their own ideas and follow up on the interest their proposals generate. “Our objective is to make proposals directly to decision-makers so that they become actionable”. 


20 % additional users each quarter

Starting as a basic platform for dialogue between local representatives and citizens, in just three years Fluicity has become an international platform for digital consultation and participation for decision-makers, with a 20% user increase each quarter. Cities, regions, metropolitan areas, non-profits like Doctors Without Borders, members of Parliament, major corporations such as BNP Paribas Immobilier and Bouygues (who consult citizens on long term building projects and ask employees for input on company policies), have all adopted this solution. Fluicity provides its clients with real-time and mid-term overview reports, helping them reengage with the population over the long term. And it works! “In certain cities such as Vernon, 12 % of the population over 15 years of age is connected to Fluicity: it’s become a well-known tool for participation”.

What are the next steps? After France and Belgium, the rest of Europe and then the rest of the world... With the promise of new funds soon to be raised, thanks to a solid platform with prestigious clients, Fluicity is the standout startup in today’s European civic tech landscape.


Why did you join Paris&Co?

"First and foremost, for business development: we were facing an issue of seasonal activity during election periods forcing us to diversify our client base. The key players in real estate who were partners of Paris&Co were very interested, because they work directly with local authorities and need citizen input. Moreover, from a strategic point of view, Paris&Co offers support adapted to what we need today as a mature startup. We feel the high level of coaching meets our expectations. Paris&Co remains a reference in terms of mentoring and connecting to the rest of the ecosystem, especially the private sector.” Julie de Pimodan, CEO of Fluicity 



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