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Filmdoo, hosted by LINCC of Paris&Co: "Vivatech is the best technology and startup conference I have gone to"


Weerada Sucharitkul, co-founder of FILMDOO is hosted by innovation platform LINCC, at Le Cargo, Paris, thanks to French Tech Ticket program.


  • What are your first impressions about VivaTech as a foreign start-up?

Vivatech was much bigger and well organised than I thought.  In fact, it is the best technology and startup conferences I have gone to!  There really was a much more represented diversity of different sectors and a large number of startups in each.  There was also good repesenation of large corporates like Google, Alibaba, Facebook and IBM, so we also got the chance to learn about their new technology and tools which we can also use both personally and in our own startups. 

  • What were you waiting for such an event?

In the beginning, I wanted to meet more large companies whom we could partner with or potential investors.  Instead, I found it much more interesting to see the really innovative new technologies and businesses being exhibitied by the startups.  I ended up spending much more time talking to the different startups, feeling inspired about their vision and product, trying to see if we could use their product or what we can emulate in our own business.  The startup companies I talked to range from SAAS products we can use to improve our marketing to interesting new user engagement technology to really amazing cutting edge singing robots!  Initially I only planned on going to Vivatech for one day - but it was so interesting, I ended up going to all three days! 

  • An anecdot about those three intense days?

Insects are the food of the future!  I saw so many new startups with insect products as food, such as insect energy bar, cricket flour which you can use to make cakes and bread, as well as insect protein shakes!  Apparently eating insects can help solve the world's growing food problem through increased population.  Yummy! 

  • How will you capitalize on this event?

I think there are definitely some interesting SAAS products we could look to use in our own business later on, to keep costs down and give us more flexibility, without having to develop the technology ourselves from scratch.  There are also some really interesting innovative marketing tools there to really know your audience now, which will really come in useful.  I believe it would be useful to also work with other startups at a similar stage, as they would also be more open to interesting partnerships when starting out and to work together.


About Filmdoo : FilmDoo is an integrated online marketing and distribution platform showcasing some of the best feature movies and short films from around the world.  FilmDoo has its own direct-to-consumer B2C platform and a FilmDoo branded channel on Amazon Prime and other third party carriers, where FilmDoo shows great award winning content from different countries and genres.

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