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Discover all the startups currently supported by Paris&Co in our 11 thematic innovation platforms and our general incubator.


ADDWORKING insures the management of a company’s freelancers and service providers through its platform of Cost and Risk Management. The solution offers visibility and transversal management of flows and operators (freelancers, subcontractors, temporary workers..) while managing legal risks from the preparation of the contract to the requalification and insurance of payment and invoicing processes.

#HR #legalrisk #freelance #serviceprovider


Advitam aids families in mourning with a simple, personal and seamless funeral management platform for half the price of traditional services.

We are close partners of insurers in these difficult family times.



Airfit offers outdoor fitness stations, connected to a sports coaching app. The objective is to provide in free access equipments to optimize the practice of sports in an autonomous way.



Akur8 developed unique leading edge Machine Learning algorithms dedicated to insurance pricing.

Akur8 automates GLM/GAMs modeling while ensuring transparency and control on the models.

Akur8 is an accelerator of insurance pricing sophistication, allowing to build required models 10x faster than legacy solutions, while improving model performance (predictive power), processing more data (in types and volume) and enabling more efficient model governance and collaboration across business units.

#insurtech #machinelearning #transparentAI

AML Factory

AML Factory provides a global solution for companies subject to Anti-Money-Laundering and Counter the Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT) regulation to be compliant at any time and for any obligation. The fear of business-killing sanctions is over : focus only on your core business and your business development ! For the regulators, AML Factory will be a guarantee of compliance to every standards in order to secure the financial system

#Complianceasaservice #AntiMoneyLaundering #CounterFinancingTerrorism #Machinelearning

APA de géant


APA de géant aims to fights against inequalities in sport by creating and developing secure solutions and training methodologies for Adapted Physical Activities.

#APA #SportForAll #Health


Arenametrix develops ticketing software solutions for sport and cultural ticketing organizers. Our principal solution is a Yield Management turnkey solution, flexible and integrated for ticketing to offer "fair" price tickets to the audience.

#Sport #Culture #Billeterie #B2B #Big Data


Esports players, like all athletes, deserve to be in the best conditions to be able to express their talent to the best of their ability. However, they are the only athletes who don’t benefit from outfits that are though and designed to optimize the practice of their discipline.At Arnova’s, we are convince that esports players deserve a specific equipment. That’s why we create the esport outfits of tomorrow. Specially developed to responding to esport players’ needs, they incorporate selected technical characteristics to optimize their comfort and their performances. The promise we make today to the esports players is to free their bodies to boost their performances.

#ForNewAthletes #Arnova #NewArmor
Créée le 17/04/2019


ASI is specializd in the development of high-performance electronic tracking solutions that let you: analyze athletes’ performance during team sports, develop your strategy and team tactics. FieldWiz has been FIFA certified since 2008 and meets International Match Standards.

Assur Connect

insurtech 100%on line and 100% sport market
1st website for sport trainers :
coming in 2019 :esport website dedicated to teams, gamers and organizers
aslo coming 2 websites on a B2B approachs for french sport federations

#insurtech #insuranceforsport #Esportinsurance #ticketingforsportevents


Avanseo is a marketplace lender and a cutting-edge risk assessment technology that offers small businesses a significantly better access to working capital loans. Applying AI and automation technologies, Avanseo eliminates the complexity associated with traditional business finance.

#Bigdata #AI #TPE #Trésorerie #Crowdlending


Aveine develops tools for professionals and amateurs to improve their wine tasting. The first tool is a digitally connected wine aerator that aerates wine instantly depending on the wine.

#SMARTFOOD #IoT #Wine #OpenWineOpenMind
Créée le 21/07/2016


Basile gives you the possibility to recruit through co-optation ! From now on you can manage your co-optation recruitment policy from scratch and get coaching one hour per month from a team of experts. Launch your co-optation process in one week and obtain immediate results.

#cooptation #recruitment #coaching

Be sport


Be Sport is the platform that brings together the two worlds that make the sporting lives of each of us: sports player or fan.

#App #Fan #Events


Betterway is the first bank card dedicated to employee mobility. We provide access to all shared mobility (carpooling, car-sharing, bicycles, scooters, public transportation). Take advantage of the new Sustainable Mobility Package and let your employees benefit from all the new mobility solutions.  

#mobility #maas #fintech #benefits #hr

Bfan sports

bFan Sports is a marketing and mobile platform for pro sports clubs. The mobile application of the club is delivered ready to use and can evolve thanks to the needs of the clubs in terms of services.

#FanExperience #App #Marketing


Blockpulse is a market place to issue, trade and manage SMEs securities in a compliant environment. Blockpulse disrupt private equity investment by allowing immediate liquidity and property transfer on secondary market in 2 clicks.

#tokenization #liquity #startupfundraising #sto


Blocs & Compagnie proposes GeoWallet, a mobility data management solution allowing users to prove mobility activities (usage-based insurance, fleet management) without exposing the detail of their mobility data. By solving the privacy issues associated with geolocation data, GeoWallet simplifies adoption and enables previously problematic use-cases. On top of privacy, GeoWallet provides a rich analytical environment for mobility data and a complete contract automation suite.

#Blockchain #Processus_métiers #Traçabilité #Audit #Données_personnelles


Bloomin is a startup that helps managers and human resources collaborators to increase employee’s engagement by measuring their collaborating experience. With an annual subscription, the user benefits from a very simple, playful and 100% customizable platform. The  information collected in real time is shared with transparency with teams and is transformed in indicators for managers to enhance the performance.

#employee experience #engagement #manager #performance


Bogled is a networking platform based on artificial intelligence. Its goal is to spotlight the players’ performances et to facilitate the recruitment by creating a ranking and recommendations reliable and accurate.What’s the idea ? To detect competitive players who have a huge increase in order to take them to the highest level.Bogled wishes to move towards innovation and development by creating a complete ecosystem integrating products and services which daily support amateurs and professionnals of Esport.

#performance #innovation #IA
Créée le 09/10/2019 is a talent management platform that allows individuals to create a detailed profile of their competencies, suggests career paths in line with their aspirations and expertise and supports them in their professional development. This solution also allows organizations to map the skills of each of their employees, thus enabling to individualize career paths, customize training programs or create project teams.


#Talent Management #HR #Artificial Intelligence #Skills


Braincities is a solution that uses miscellaneous data like social media, CVs or emails in order to match the personality, expertise, professional background and aspirations of the candidate with the culture, projects and goals of the company. This matching is realized thanks to the algorithm that analyzes the personality of the person and predicts among other things the candidate’s career path or the turn-over.

#HRtech #IA


C2Corner help brands and entrepreneurs, through our advanced software, logistics and sales solutions, to sell their products on online marketplaces around the world.

# MarketPlaces #Funding #Algorythm #B2B


CAHEM is a start-up of virtual reality amusement parks, having started its activity in Normandy. The franchise, designed as a scalable and turnkey model, was extended at the end of 2019 to the Paris Region with the opening of one of the largest centres in Europe. With its team of developers, CAHEM produces its own exclusive titles, available in single or multiplayer modes: shooter, role-playing game, arcade, or escape game. Most of the licenses are inspired by the myth of Cthulhu, the masterpiece and popular work of the writer H.P. Lovecraft. Believing in the development of esport in virtual reality, CAHEM is a permanent technological watch and calibrates its video games for this activity.

#exclusive #vr #gaming
Créée le 03/11/2017


Carlili is the simplest and the easiest way to rent a car in Paris. No more lines in rental car agencies, we deliver the car right to you when you need it.

#tourisme #location #voiture #oùvousêtes

Chef Bambino

Chef Bambino is a digital platform dedicated to the nutritional education of new generations who created "culinary fables" around seasonal products and creative workshops to create moments of sharing around the "eat-well".

Créée le 30/04/2018


A platform that allows private individuals or professionals (the CLAPpers) to give their video rushes to one of the editors in the community (the CLIPpers) to create a film that suits their needs.

#Tourism #B2B #videomaker


CodistAI makes maintaining source code obvious and easy for companies.

We are building an intelligent code knowledge browser that retrieves and provides to developers automatically updated information about the code they are working on.

#MLonCode #DevEfficiency #SoftwareDevelopment #CodingFaster

Connected Cycle

Connected Cycle offers innovative and cost-effective geolocation solutions tailored for both bikes and industrial assets.

#Tracking #Data


Cresh stands for Credit at Shopping Cart.

Pay easily in monthly payment with Cresh.When banks issue a financing agreement between 20min to 1h, Cresh delivers the payment in 3 seconds.The meet the needs of consumers who seek simplicity, speed and transparency. We also support merchants with an onmichannel solution, which is deployed online and in stores.

Cresh is the best financing solution and we are the pioneers to enter a market representing several hundred billion euros.

#financing #payment #Fintech


 A dematerialized, incentive-based means of payment exclusively for the sports industry.

Blockchain #Crypto


DataValoris with its unique and disruptive Artificial Intelligence technology allow customer to create or unleash their Neural Networks to raise productivity by 20% or deliver new services to customers.

#Intelligence Artificielle #B2B #SAAS #Big Data


DAZZL is a cloud-based production platform that lets any organization or community capture, produce and distribute events live and simultaneously on multiple social networks and websites.

#Live #Production

Descartes Underwriting

Descartes is a B2B InsurTech company acting as a Managing General Agency. Descartes Underwriting’s core competency relies in its best-in class risk modelling and capacity to design bespoke and innovative insurance covers. We take advantage of new data sources: they come from the Internet of Things (IoT), from our clients, from remote sensing technologies (e.g. Sentinel data) or from third parties. The team deploys cutting edge solutions which leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. 

#weatherrisks #NatCat #satellite #datascience

Points in the City

Points in the City is a solution that rewards the best tourists and enriches their stay by offering them access to good deals, discounts and promotional offers from shops or tourist sites by collecting points. 


Dype is a real estate platform that digitize the locative research and simplify the daily of estate agent. 


eCentime is a shopping guide that connects Asian consumers with local French or European stores. The application offers shopping information on fashion brands, cosmetics and perfume stores.


Ecorp Gaming

Ecorp Gaming is the first corporate esports agency specialized in visibility and employer branding through esports activities: teambulding, profiling & recruitment, serious games, events for interns, organizing competitions.

Ecorp lets its clients and partners enhance their image and reach out to millennials representing their future consumers and collaborators.

Ecorp Gaming has created the largest university esports league, the Esport Students Series, federating 250 campuses with 2,000 students competing and more than 100,000 spectators each year. A true employer visibility tool, the competition’s physical steps lets recruiters meet candidates in a relaxed atmosphere.

#marqueemployeur #seriousgame #esport
Créée le 01/01/2015


Elmut is a premium pet food brand that delivers healthy, fresh and perfectly portioned meals for dog

Créée le 30/01/2018

Emergence Concepts

Emergence concepts assists food-Entrepreneurs and offers the first personal assistant for restaurant owners: Emerg&Cie.

Combining artificial intelligence and human assistant know-how, Emerg&Cie is a unique digital concierge service available 24/7.

#SMARTFOOD #Restoration #Support #Hybrid #IA



Equimov is the leading online booking platform for all types of horses and riders accommodation across Europe.

#Platform #Reservation #Equitation


EuroPass is the European leader in the implementation of Chinese digital solutions. We are both a digital communication agency and a payment solution provider able to define and set up marketing and communication strategies targeting Chinese FIT (Free Independent Travellers). We also develop a unique ecosystem within Chinese platforms (WeChat, Weibo, Alibaba…) to be the link between Chinese travellers and the World. We offer travellers an easy, convenient and secure way to travel around the World thanks to our offices in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Paris, Milan, Casablanca, Lausanne, London, DubaÏ, Shenzhen and Shanghai. 

#China #Social Media #Mobile #payment
Créée le 23/04/2019


EYEBLUE offers you to combine comfort and protection in front of the screens thanks to its glasses designed for the greatest comfort and which protect your eyes from harmful blue light. Performance is the key to these high-tech glasses, which not only limit eye fatigue, but also preserve your visual capital in the long term thanks to the blue light filter of its lenses.

Créée le 06/07/2015


FamilEat is the 1st meal delivery service developed for families in order to help them with everyday diners and with the quality of their alimentation. Meals are fresh, healthy, delivered every week, everywhere in France, and cooked with natural ingredients from France and respecting seasons.

Créée le 31/01/2019


An esport team generates passion. Passion generates fans. And fans are one of the major assets of esports teams.

However, these teams struggling to capitalize on their fan base ; they don’t know them very well and don’t monetize them much. Fanprime helps esports and sports teams to implement a strategy « direct-to-fan », which brings more passion to fans and creating a new source of income for teams at the same time.

Fanprime offers a « Fan Relationship Management » solution which gathers teams, fans and sponsors. We enable sports and esports teams to deploy a unique loyalty program that rewards fan engagement with a privileged access to exclusive experiences and offers.

Our solution is a cloud computing platform, open and flexible, based on blockchain.

#fanengagement #tokenization #blockchain
Créée le 28/10/2018


Fanvoice connects brands to costumers around ideas competition on the Internet, to improve existing products and services, or invent new ones. Fanvoice harvest ideas and automatically analyzes the verbatims to infer consumers interests & motivations.

#Co-création #Crowdsourcing #Crowdtesting #Open Innovation
Créée le 09/01/2014


Finense is a collaborative platform where peoples can manage their money with their trusted peers.  Finense allows you to effectively manage the money of those who rely on you to help them on a daily basis. We are a Fintech for Good.

#seniors #money_management #helping_helpers #fintechforgood #financial_inclusion #care



Footbar allows football players to evaluate their performance thanks to an artificial intelligence with sensors placed on their legs. The best of technology at the service of the 3rd half for fun.

#IOT #Data #ConnectedObjects


FREQUENCE RUNNING proposes training plans personalized to all the runners.



FXBALL is an innovative sport that combines the best of “foot sports” with technology and social networks. It’s a game that’s spectacular and interactive.

#NewSport #Football


Become a winner, or just make progress as you play your favorite video games, anything’s possible...when you take private lessons with the champions!

We all dream of upping our game, but it’s hard to learn the tricks and get personalized advice to improve. GamerCoach is the first coaching platform that lets anyone from beginners to advanced level gamers reserve online lessons with pros from the esports scene, selected for their technical and pedagogical skills.

With GamerCoach, gaming fans have finally found an effective way to improve.

Winning can be learned!

#coaching #gaming #esport
Créée le 01/08/2016


Helping brands reach out to millennials – that is the SIGMA Esports mission.

As consumer habits change, traditional media are having trouble reaching the 12–35-year-old segment. This phenomenon is the source of many problems today’s brands are facing.

SIGMA Esports is the new generation agency with the answer to these issues: from defining strategy to rolling out projects, the company gives its clients access to the esports target audience and helps them meet the business challenges at hand.

SIGMA Esports uses white and gray labelling, through its own media brand and professional esports club: GameWard, at the top of French ranking, now represents 13 players under contract, 3 coaches and 3 managers, as well as a full support staff.

#strategy #agency #esport
Créée le 07/12/2017


Gaminho is a young and innovative mobile gaming company, dedicated to making Free-To-Play sports games.Our games (iOS & Android):Rugby Duel: Elite Striker: SEED Tennis Manager: (expected Q1 2017)

#Mobile #Jeux #Sport #Free-to-play #industriescreatives
Créée le 02/03/2015


Glory4Gamers is a fast-growing French start-up with more than 860 000 esports fans. Glory4Gamers' teams are committed to democratizing the practice of electronic sports by offering all players, at all levels, the opportunity to take part in online competitions on the market's leading licenses: Call of Duty, Fifa, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Rocket League or Rainbow Six Siege. In addition to the daily tournaments, Glory4Gamers regularly offers players larger-scale events that allow them to win more prizes, but also to enable its B2B partners (sponsors and publishers) to promote their brands to a qualified audience.

#tournaments #videogames #online

Goaltime Football

Goaltime Football is the reference platform of measure and analysis of the performances in football.

#Football #Performance

Golden Bees

Golden Bees is an innovative custom-crafted advertising solution for online recruitment, which uses cutting-edge technologies with state-of-the-art algorithms, supported by candidate data. We manage online recruitment campaigns through our tailor-made, multidevice programmatic ad suite. Their technology is fed by our HR profile data, and help recruiters reach candidates of any kind, and on all relevant websites – whether they are looking for a job or not.

#hrtech #BigDataRH #programmatic recruitment #smartrecruitment #advertisingrecruitment


At GOOT we focus on helping to digitalise the procurement for HeReCa. We provide API and apps to the wholesalers, brands or suppliers synchronise theirs ERPs, CRM and end users.

Créée le 13/07/2014


Goshaba offers a fun, fast and fair recruitment. Through gamification (cognitive games and surveys) Goshaba allows to pre-select candidates on their softskills, hardskills as well as the company’s culture.

#gamificatin #recruitment #fun #softskills #hardskills


Gozulting was created in May 2017 by 4 partners who wanted to offer quality services in a brand-new field. Our modus operandi: The Toolbox. We carefully study your project, we adapt solutions and you choose the solution that best meets your needs. Each project is unique, just as our commitment to you is unique. Our scope of activity: 4 partners for 3 business sectors and complementary areas of expertise:

Consulting: Strategic consulting in video and marketing, and consulting in the field of esports and video games.

Capture and production: Video capture, live or filmed according to client needs, and live video production.

Content: Content creation, management, gaming event creation.

#video #production #esport
Créée le 01/05/2017


Travelchain is an open source “blockchain service” platform which manages loyalty programs linked to the tourism services marketplace, aimed at improving loyalty and therefore the tourist brand experience. 


Hello birdie


Hello Birdie is the first smart caddy that allows golfers to define a personalized game strategy to progress and maximize their chances of making the best score on any green in the world.

#Golf #IA #App

Hello Elton

Hello Elton is the only service of soft skills coach which combines the latest research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence and teaching skills to get the best from your collaborators.

#softskills #artificialintelligence

Hello Garage

Hello Garage provide in home car maintenance services.Book and pay on-line at 

#Entretien #réparation
Créée le 01/03/2017


Horsicar allows the riders to find a solution of transport for their horse near their stables or to to pay off the investment of their vehicle



ilycoach is the application that lets companies and employees organize on-demand sports and wellbeing sessions, in the workplace or during their leisure time, supervised by certified coaches. 

#Coach #Wellbeing


The first cashless payment agregator for events which improve the user experience by allowing the use of his favorite payments way : Classic credit or debit card, Contactless card, NFC smartphone (Apply pay, Paylib ...), QR code (Izly,  Lyfpay,...) on a new device.

# Paiement #Cashless #B2B2C


Jenji is the first realtime, data-driven expense management platform. Using Deep Learning and best-in-class mobile apps, Jenji optimizes the whole process from the receipt to the accounting and payroll systems. Our ROI is immediate and customers typically gain 2-3% recoverable VAT.

#Notes_de_frais #Deep_Learning #Data #SaaS #B2B


Kesitys provides its clients, market operators, with innovative financial mathematics tools that enable them to manage the risk of their derivative portfolios in an automatic and optimized way. 



Kesitys provides its clients, market operators, with innovative financial mathematics tools that enable them to manage the risk of their derivative portfolios in an automatic and optimized way. 



We offer an online B2B tool that facilitates distribution of local products, made by artisans and small producers. We facilitate all aspects of purchasing management from order taking to online payment management, and soon logistics ...

#SMARTFOOD #FoodTech #Local #Proximity #Catering
Créée le 14/03/2018



Kinomap publishes indoor, interactive and immersive training applications based on fully geolocated videos. 

#App #VR #Fitness

La Pâtisserie Numérique

La Patisserie Numerique offers tools and services to invent new sweet creations thanks to digital manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, digital cutting or folding.


Les Miraculeux

Happiness starts from the inside. At les Miraculeux, we know that the right blend of nutrients can help us stay balanced, energetic and healthy. Our job is to make that easy, fun and affordable.

Créée le 19/02/2019


Lidix improves and simplifies management of insurer, counsellor and client contracts. Lidix publishes digital management solutions improving productivity, customer relationship and adapted to current consumer behavior

#Insurtech #LifeInsurance #Digitalization #Modernize #Productivity #Saas #UX

Little Gustave

Little Gustave offers healty food in jar for child between 4 months to 3 years. Subscribe to Little  gustave and you will received healty and savourous food for your child!

Créée le 12/08/2016


Mailoop is the first solution to heal the company from the excess of e-mails by providing to employees an intuitive tool to guide the expression of his feelings and by placing everyone at the heart of a cycle of continuous improvement of digital communication. Productivity, efficiency and quality of life are guaranteed !

#productivity #email #deconnect


MCES is based on a conviction: esport is THE phenomenon of the coming years. This market, which is still in its infancy, is in the process of being structured and we wanted to make our contribution. After many years in the sports industry where we have trained thousands of children using football values, it seemed interesting to us to see how to transfer our knowledge to this "new world". MCES wanted a global project around training: from the youngest to the professional player, we apply methods that have proven their worth for decades in different sports. Esport players are athletes, artists and they need to be accompanied throughout their lives and at different stages. That's the MCES promise!

#MCESFamily #Training #LoveTheGame
Créée le 20/06/2018


Meat B2B is 1st international BtoB online meat trading market.Our marketplace is aimed at agribusiness professionals: mainly between European factories and Asian buyers.

Créée le 27/03/2019


Mila is a project to create a new insurance company specialized in real estate related insurance product. It aims at offering insurance product for Real Estate managers.

#Insurance, #immobilier, #BtoBtoC, #innovation


Mobiliwork offers a platform that allows companies to simply and quickly organize a temporary immersion of their employees into startups. These mobilities allow employees to develop soft skills such as agility, the ability to learn, boldness, confidence or leadership. In addition to this web platform, Mobiliwork proposes a tailored coaching to help companies implement this device and integrate it in their human resources strategy.

#mobility #agile #softskills


Mojjo revolutionizes tennis with its augmented visualization concept and interactive replay experience for tournaments and clubs. The tennis court is now connected with a single camera.

#TENNIS #REPLAY #DATA is the search solution for real estate credit 100% online, fast, FREE, with a dedicated financial expert throughout the process.

#mortgage #realestate #fintech #proptech

My dual project

Bridging the gap between life and education: My Dual Project is a learning platform that offers young athletes an entrepreneurial, post-baccalaureate program adapted to their needs, preferences, schedule and rhythm


My coach


My coach offers solutions facilitating technical coaching expertises diffusion and optimizing performance. It supports the digital transformation of sports organizations.

#coaching #app #digital


At Myth’s, we noticed that it’s very difficult for esports associations and teams to become professionnal. You have to create your corporate identity, to create a web presence too, as well as generate income.

For this, we have created an online platform with which you can solve all these problems :

1 – Create your own fully customize products online

2 – Create your corporate identity online thanks to your dedicated website

3 – Sell your products to your fans on your own website and generate a new source of income.

And all these things in 10 minutes !

Our vision is to support all those who break into the world of esport thanks to a simple and all-in-one solution, quick to set up.

#customizedproducts #marketplace #turnkeysolution
Créée le 09/11/2019


Based on the latest advances of Behavioral Finance, Neuroprofiler is a MiFIDII-compliant customer Risk Profiler for Financial Advisors.

#RegTech #Machine_Learning #Finance_comportementale #MIFID2


NovaLend digitize leasing and brings companies to the subscription model. This new commercial service allows our partners to increase their b2b customers’ loyalty. Through our platform, they can offer and finalize a leasing contract in real time, increasing their sales and margins.

#Leasing #Abonnement #Digital #B2B #Équipement


Nüag digitizes governance: general meetings, boards and councils.

Thanks to a simple platform, every association and business can easily use electronic voting and video conferencing. Meetings can be held offline, online - or both.

#Governance #Regtech #Blockchain


Onfido is a software company that helps businesses verify people's identities using a photo-based identity document, a selfie and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Oui Sports

Oui Sports offers two applications to Foster people through sport: OuiRun, the social network of runners, and OuiMoveUp, the collaborative experience of sports challenges in companies.

#Running #App #Community


Ouibike is a bike rental service with more than 300 rental locations throughout France. When booking a bicycle you can choose whether you want to pick up your bike from a store or whether you want the bike to be delivered to an address of your choice (hotel, hiking area, holiday home etc.). 




Ouihelp is a homecare for seniors company. Through an innovative online platform, Ouihelp enables families to find quality caregivers for their loved ones. Besides an innovative platform, Ouihelp provides daily, relying on top quality caregivers, help to seniors in many tasks (grocery shopping, meal preparation, house cleaning, night care...).



#E-santé #marketplace #Silver Economie #B2C #Aide à domicile
Créée le 21/01/2016


PayGreen is the first online payment solution to tackle social and environmental issues through two services: Online Rounding Up and Tree, the carbon offset algorithm.

#Fintech #CRM #ESS #Positive_Impact


Péligourmet is an online short supply chain that allows to shop directly to producers and craftsmen, and to be delivered to point relais or at home.

Créée le 18/08/2016


Pitchy is a start-up company specialized in the automated production of videos from customizable templates. Pitchy is accelerated at Google 1-year Startup Program.- Pitchy was featured in the Technology category of the 2015 edition of Challenges’ “100 Startups to invest in”- Pitchy was chosen as the 2015 “Best B to B Digital Innovation” during the last edition of the IT Night. This prize was awarded to us at the Casino de Paris in front of over 1,200 business practitioners and granted by a jury of 20 IT and Innovation Directors from big corporations ( clients include : : Air Liquide, Unibail-Rodamco, Groupe La Poste, Bouygues Immobilier, SNCF...

#Vidéo #B2B #Motion design #industriescreatives
Créée le 12/12/2013


Pledg in an innovative payment solution which allows one person to buy for a group without advancing people's share or waiting that they pay. It is the first solution to offer instant payment to the merchant

#paiement #partage #ecommerce #collaboratif #fintech


 Postmii reinvents the postcard thanks to its mobile, autonomous and ecological three-wheelers which let tourists personalize, print and send their best photos in real postcard form, all on site.


ProTest Labs

At Protest Labs’, we ask ourselves a simple question : Why are pro gamers so good ? We are developing Protest, a software that combines neurosciences and gaming to reveal the players’ performances factors. Protest allows access to the brain functions of any player, to improve individually or to define the set of skills available to a pro team, for example. Ultimately, the vision of Protest Labs is to apply scientific research to everything that can be useful to the esport actors.Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are looking for partners to help us launch this adventure in the Science of Gaming. 

#ScienceOfGaming #Performance #ProTest
Créée le 01/12/2019

Prove Labs

Prove Labs has developed AI analysis of body movements filmed by smartphones; the FitCam app on your smartphone acts as your very own personal trainer, so you can exercise safely.

#IA #Health


Qweekle is a B2B platform which provides an all-in-one solution for leisure activities management (booking / online sales, employee schedules, CRM etc.) to increase customer satisfaction, save time and boost sales. 


Q°emotion is a platform for analysing emotions that a brand provokes in real time. Precious informations that can be used to improve the custoler experience and customer relations by perfecting your services.

#Tourism #SentimentAnalysis #FeelData

Recettes Nomades

Nomad Recipes are social cooking workshops, where you learn with a refugee teacher a new recipe, enjoy your meal and make 60 homeless people enjoy your meal as well.

Créée le 12/12/2018


The most exciting plays in amateur sports, filmed by spectators.The magic application Rematch turns back the clock by creating automated match highlights: amateur sports events can be shared and gain visibility everywhere.



Runnin’City is a free application that helps you discover more than 200 cities worldwide while running (or walking). The Runnin'City vocal GPS and audio guide is the go-to app for sightseeing while running.

#Running #Tourism

Running Care

Running Care by PREMEDIT develops solutions of E-santé for the sport, focused on the prevention, the auto-reeducation and the prediction of wounds.

#Sport #Health


Seacher is a platform designed to help surfers find, compare and reserve surfing lessons quickly and easily.

#Surf #Coaching


SerendpTech solutions help making identity verification simple and secure for everyone, online and in person.

Our verification solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your website, app, terminal or fully tailored.

Our belief is that Technology is here for Good: reducing fraud, foster a paperless world, enable privacy and anonymity, etc…

Our goal is to shape a more inclusive world through identity, trust and safety. With our solution, you keep full control of your data.

#digitalidentity #cybersecurity #infosec #riskmanagement #authentication #fraud #regtech #InclusiveFinance


Sharegroop is developing an online collective & instantaneous payment system that can be integrated into any website.

#Tourisme #Partage #Paiement #Groupe


ShareId allow businesses to ensure in real time, that the person behind the screen are who they claim to be and that the personal data shared is verified.



Shoyo is the 1st investor passport registered in the blockchain. It adapts to all the questionnaires of the financial actors. No more repetitive and intrusive steps. Subscribers finally take back ownership of their data. From the point of view of financial actors, Shoyo facilitates onboarding customers. It responds to regulatory constraints, allows access to reliable and up-to-date data and allows more time for advice.



Who’s the best ? Who realized the best kill on Fortnite or the best goal on Fifa ? That’s the question Skeel answers ! Skeel is the first mobile video competition application specialized on Challenges ! In video battles, users compare themselves thanks to their best actions ! Our tool will enable brands to better identify the challenges that engage the younger generation and better follow performances of a challenge that they may be asked to create themselves !Many companies are already using this type of online competition to gain visibility, especially among their youngest targets !

#challenge #compétition #talents
Créée le 22/10/2018


SKYdeals is a retail platform dedicated to air passengers which lets them access discounts and offers on products or services in-flight by connecting to the internet via onboard wi-fi. 


Smart Hands-on

Smart Hands-on is a game-learning platform to develop talents and increase their engagement. This tool of consolidation process of personal assets focuses on three main points: the challenge, collective intelligence, and neurosciences.

#gaming #learning #engagement


SMiLE is an advanced portfolio management platform, offering state-of-the-art investment technologies with highly customized investment assistants.

Should you be a novice investor or a highly skilled investment professional, SMiLE will enrich your investment experiences and your interactions with markets, and people.

#Investment, #wealthtech, #augmented-advisor #machine-learning #agility #excellence #B2B/B2B2C #B2C


Spend less,enjoy more !

Shared subscription keeps your wallet happy !

#subscription #share #marketplace


Sportdiet designs digital programs and algorithms that give athletes nutritional guidelines and easy access to personalized advice based on the specific needs of each sport. 

#Health #Nutrition


Tassiopée is a French start-up that makes edible containers. The first range of products is based on the concept of a delicious and natural biscuit in the form of a cup, with an inside chocolate coating. The cup resists to heat and humidity and is perfect to serve hot drinks.

#SMARTFOOD #Gourmand #playful #environmentallyfriendly
Créée le 16/03/2016


Free up your agents' time, secure and align responses, save money thanks to automation. Accelerate your development by analyzing weak signals.

TeamBrain handles 100% of all questions in your ecosystem, automates the answers and their capitalization.

#anti-chatbot #knowledge maintenance #automation #expertise #AI#machine learning #weak signals #empathy#regtech#agent enhancement


TheBestJE is a platform that simplifies relationships between students from Junior Entreprises and companies. The platform lists the various missions proposed or sought. The advantage of junior companies is to benefit from direct access to students on the corporate side and to strengthen the expertise and improve the first professional opportunities on the student side.

#student #juniorentreprise #collaboration

Tips Top

The first Social Media “trusted third party” that helps sports bettors make the right choice, putting performance at the core of notoriety!

#betting #tips


TIPSmeee is a French Fintech providing payment services to collect tips or spontaneous donations by payment card on a smartphone.

For example, our service adressing to waiters (s), charities organizing street donations collections, hairdresser (s), artist (s) affected by a decrease in tips / donations due to the gradual disappearance of money for the benefit of the payment card.

 TIPSmeee, supplier of Generosity


Toki No Heya

TOKI NO HEYA is a place specially designed to welcome every day those who want to practice and live the esport in the best conditions.To train alone or in a team, to learn to compete or to perform in daily planned and improvised, tournaments, to play with friends, TOKI NO HEYA offers top-of-the-range equipment to all players, whether they are occasional, amateur or semi-professional.TOKI NO HEYA is also a gathering place for spectators who want to support players and teams during events that take place in the hall or during competitions’ retransmissions.

#esportstation #gamingcenter #playesport
Créée le 05/10/2019


Tonsser is the first app of soccer players in club. She helps her users to be discovered by the football world.


Train me

TrainMe is a sports training platform that connects professionals with individuals or businesses. It helps them to find the course that meets their expectations in terms of price, location and sports.

#Coaching #Wellness #Community


Wire-fraud costs annualy millions of euros to corporates. Trustpair use a data-driven approach to wire-fraud detection combining assessment of bank account ownership and identification of anomalous payment behavior.

#Fraud_prevention #SaaS #B2B #insurance #big-data

Turbo Cereal

Turbo Cereal is the first financial exchange place of the agricultural sector. The solution
creates an innovative investment vehicle that allows the farmer to finance his
production cycle and pay his suppliers while creating value. The use of Blockchain, AI,
machine learning and tokens technologies creates financial and ecological value while
keeping a spirit of fair distribution within the sector.

#Financeverte #Agriculture #Paiement #Blockchain #Fintech #économiecirculaire


UBIKEY develops technological systems designed to improve collaborative work. Our devices, associated with multi-user software, simplify the implementation of working method, improving interactions and collective cognitive capacities at the same time.




#creative industries #creativity #improvement #digital

Urban Expé

Urban Expé is an athletic escape game with a catalogue of different scenarios. Participants become the heroes of a real-time immersive adventure that combines the escape game with video games and sports challenges.

#gamification #immersive


Created in 2014, Utocat proposes a blockchain access platform to facilitate and accelerate the projects of the financial sector. Besides, the venture has created Catalizr, a non-listed securities management solution that reconciles banks and real economy.

#blockchain #économie réelle #titres non cotés #éditeur de logiciel #fintech

Vadis Technologies

We give transparency when trust is unreliable !

Fast growing Brussels based regtech, we use Data Analytics on companies data to build third-party risk monitoring, know-your-business solutions.

We transform public and private data to help our clients gain insights about counterparty risks.

With our unique Data-Analytics-as-a-Service approach, we offer visibility on group structure through UBO, financial and non-financial risk scoring tools, insights on AML and fraud cases.

#regtech #KYB #KYS #analytics #riskscoring #sapin2


Vendredi is a social startup which seeks to give everyone the opportunity to have a positive impact on society at work. For interns and employees, doing a “Vendredi” (a “Friday”) is dedicating one day per month, per week or more her/his talents to help a charity or a social company. The companies implement the concept of Vendredi in order to answer the stakes of attractivity, career management and social responsibility. Vendredi’s role is to accompany people and projects with strong social impact, as well as to help companies to simplify the establishment of these unique experiences. At Vendredi every day has its value.

#socialstartup #engagement #future


VIALINK is a key RegTech player, setting new standards for regulatory business process digitalization. Our award-winning and certified software solutions are recognized throughout Europe. VIALINK has built its success on its extensive experience of the most demanding industry sectors in terms of personal data protection and trust, such as finance. We design innovative digital solutions to automate, secure and increase efficiency of critical and complex customer processes across all channels (in branches, remotely, online).



Visitdata help tourism organizations to successfully turn their data into opportunities.Analytics solution allows an agile and dynamic approach to handle a wide variety of data.The customer intelligence solution make it possible to improve performance of customer knowledge.

#Tourisme #BigData #InformationCollaborative #Personalisation



Vogo is an application dedicated to the fan experience in the sports arena (instant replay, slow motion, zoom). A version exists for professionals: doctors, coaches, referees.

#Replay #Video #Service


EATS is revolutionizing the way to take order in restaurants by offering a "connected app" directly in the consumer's smartphone. No more waiting time to order or pay the bill !

Créée le 25/01/2019


Wheeliz is the 1st website dedicated to peer-to-peer wheelchair accessible car rental. We enable private owner to rend their car to another wheelchair user, everywhere in France.

#Mobilité #Economie collaborative #Handicap #Automobile
Créée le 22/10/2014


Whire is an app of job searching and professional community. It allows each person to defend their professional project differently no matter their current situation or their professional background.

#employement #talent #recruitment #skills


Winglet  is an AI-based efficiency tool for flight bookings. Their API provides demand forecast for Airline and TMC.

#tourism #Transport #SmartTravel #IA


The first mobile-only tax-free provider

The traditional tax-free process is a time consuming, dated experience, and in most cases a largely offline experience. This is where we differ!

In Woonivers, we’re reinventing Tax-Free shopping, providing a mobile-only, contactless and multichannel solution.


World Gaming Federation

World Gaming Federation is a startup created in 2015 by 6 co-founders, now operating in 17 European and African countries.We have 2 main activities: organizing esports competition, and creating a social platform specifically designed for 2 million video game players.

Over the past 3 years, we have organized more than 300 competitions for game publishers (Konami, Capcom etc.), sports organizations (UEFA, CAF) and international brands (Orange, Coca-Cola, Adidas).

We have raised €3.5M and are financed notably by BPI France and the European Commission. Our 5-year target is to position ourselves as the benchmark social platform in the video game market.

#network #gaming #esport
Créée le 12/03/2015


Xaalys, neobank for teenagers, remotely piloted by their parents, aims to support parents in the financial education of their children. Scalable and adaptable, the offer can be declined and personalized, there are as many versions of XAALYS as families.

#Education_financière #Adolescents #Banque_mobile #Gamification

Yafi Concept

YAFI CONCEPT: We design and conceptualize innovative health and fitness products Made in France. Our products meet the needs and expectations of today’s consumers, while offering them new ways to exercise.                                                                                       


Yakman est une Fintech créée en 2016 établie à Nantes et Paris ayant mis en place un modèle innovant de financement participatif appliqué à la couverture de risques. La solution est distribuée en B2B2C via une plateforme digitale gérant l'intégralité de la création et de la distribution de produits de protection ainsi que l'ensemble du parcours client.

Ze Profile

Ze Profile is an application which enable consumers to monetize their data within the new GDPR and e-Privacy regulatory framework.The individual user controls its data and selects promotional offers he wants to receive thanks to its profile.

#data #monétisation #e-commerce


AI technology for insurers, to make them enter the era of augmented employees.

#Intelligence_Artificielle #Big_Data #B2B