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Test and validate your innovation with strong reliability by testing it out in an urban environment


Join our 18-month program to test your product/service under real conditions in and around Paris! 


For whom 

For any actor or group of actors wishing to test an innovative solution/product/service already designed which is not yet commercialized or is in the process of being commercialized. 

  • The project must be in the experimental stage. It must be seeking to prove its viability.
  • The structure can be French or foreign. No specific conditions related to size or status are required.


Benefits to you

•    Improve your market knowledge
•    Measure appropriation; observe usage and feelings as closely as possible via a demonstrator producing concrete results
•    Validate technical, functional and ergonomic aspects. Consolidate your business model.

•    Reduce uncertainty and risk before you go to market. Accelerate your change of scale.
•    Connect with the major players in the urban fabric: local authorities, institutions, landlords, developers, logisticians, transporters, equipment managers, waste managers, local partners, citizen groups…

•    Gain visibility, participate in national and international events. Become part of a large professional ecosystem.





How to apply 

Each year, we select pilot projects based on the challenges and stakes throughout the territories. A jury composed of partners and experts meets to select the projects.

Innovation Districts (Les Quartiers d’Innovation) - the ideal place to put your solution to the test. 

Paris&Co, the City of Paris and the Greater Paris Metropolis are offering these “innovation districts”, a kind of vast open-air laboratory. These designated areas provide the opportunity to test projects concretely and explore new ways of building the city.

In Paris, since 2018, "Paris Rive Gauche" (13th) and "Chapelle-S" (18th) are the neighborhoods where most of the experimentation has taken place.
In 2023, Paris&Co will expand this dynamic to include three new districts, chosen from among the 131 communes found within the Greater Paris Metropolis. 

In total, five ”innovation districts” can now host your project/solution.  Paris&Co supports up to 40 projects each year, selected through calls for application.