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Smart Food Paris unveils its 6th promotion winners

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Smart Food Paris, the Paris&Co innovation platform dedicated to food issues, revealed the 18 names of its 6th promotion winners. 

Smart Food Paris, a true hub of experimentation dedicated to the challenges of tomorrow's food, selected 18 startups, from among 85 applications received and studied, whose innovations show a real capacity to support various aspects of the sector’s sustainable transformation: product innovations, disposable food packaging alternatives, distribution and catering digitalization, and last-mile delivery.

"The new class of startups reflects what young companies can bring to the agri-food industry: a wide variety of innovations very much in line with the sector's strategic challenges. However, this diversity is not always reflected in the profiles of the winning startups' management teams, with women still being under-represented.  That is why this new class will have not one but two mentors, Johanna Le Pape and Anne Cazor, two women whose careers combine gastronomy and entrepreneurship."  Domitille Dezobry, Head of Smart Food Paris.


Discover the 18 startups :


Finres supports agricultural sector investors, both public and private, in understanding and assessing climate risks in order to define the most appropriate investment strategy. 

Nourée is the first contemporary chicory brand. The healthy and local alternative to coffee. Made in France, with no stimulants, rich in fiber, it is the drink of yesterday, but especially of tomorrow. 

Óuliva proposes rediscovering an olive oil with an aromatic palette comparable to that of wine, yet unknown to the public. 

Switch Eat is the fun and ecological alternative to single-use plastic tableware. Gourmet, edible, compostable and biodegradable tableware. 

La Tofuterie selects locally grown soybeans, transforms them into Tofu and derived plant products, and makes them available to mass retailers and catering companies. 

Vytal offers high-quality reusable packaging for "Click'n Collect" delivery and prepared meals, to eliminate packaging waste. A German startup that joins the program as part of its rollout on the French market.



Lisy Market develops short circuits in BtoB food purchasing by connecting restaurant owners to producers via a simple and fun order centralization tool. 

Qinto is a mobile application for bakers which helps them to manage their performance by sharing and comparing with their peers and the market. 

Sidely helps brands and sales agencies accelerate their distribution and expand their footprint with a simple, mobile, implementation-free CRM. 

Stan is the new digital training tool for restaurant owners and employees. Training available at any time on a smartphone. 



Good Vie, a natural, finely sparkling, healthy, tasty drink, promises to reconcile the benefits of kefir with the flavor of fresh fruit.

Joyenval are fresh, vegetal, gourmet, organic desserts made with IGP Camargue rice and seasonal fruit, served in reusable pots. 

Update Foods has developed the latest generation of healthy, environmentally friendly, made in France vegetable alternatives to dairy products.



Collectiv Food is revolutionizing HORECA food distribution by combining a pure marketplace approach with an innovative distribution model in a short, transparent, less-polluting circuit. A British startup that has integrated the program as part of its rollout on the French market.

Delekt is a virtual, collaborative restaurant that delegates the preparation and delivery of 100% home-made dinners to independent caterers. 

DLCS develops virtual restaurant concepts and operates cloud kitchens (Birdy, Miam Miam, Crush, Smash Burger, Gloria, Rainbow, ...) dedicated to delivery-only sales.

Eatic is the 1st eco-friendly, 100% veggie and vegan meal delivery app.



Phytocea develops and distributes innovative micro-nutrition products made from natural ingredients, aimed at preventing chronic pathologies and age-related degeneration. 




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