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Ornikar raises €100 million to accelerate its international development

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Ornikar, startup winner of the 2014 City of Paris Innovation Grands Prix, raises €100M to diversify its activities and expand into new countries under the Onroad brand.


Founded in 2013, Ornikar offers online driver education services, including taking the written driving test and booking driving lessons, in order to obtain a driver’s license. The online driving school has just completed a €100M financing round led by KKR, Idinvest, Bpifrance’s Large Venture, Elaia, Brighteye and H14. These funds will allow Ornikar to continue diversifying its activities. Following the driver’s license market in France and Spain, in 2020 the startup launched Ornikar Assurance on the French car insurance market.


"We decided to create a new business unit to explore our business as an insurtech," confides Benjamin Gaignault, Ornikar's CEO. "We are excited to invest behind Benjamin, Flavien and their talented team as they expand internationally and accelerate their insurance offering following the successful launches of Onroad in Spain and Ornikar Assurance," adds the KKR director.


Ornikar also wants to use the funds to continue rolling out its solution abroad. "We have proven the effectiveness, sustainability and flexibility of the model we have created, particularly by demonstrating that Ornikar can be replicated outside of France," says Benjamin Gaignault, co-founding president of Ornikar, in a statement. The startup, which has established itself in Spain and Germany, wants to expand into other countries under the Onroad brand.


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