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HUA! Paris&Co accelerator Handic’Up Access unveils its 3rd group of startups with innovative solutions for the disabled


HUA! Handic'Up Access, the Paris&Co accelerator dedicated to innovative solutions for people with disabilities and accessibility for all, has announced the list of 7 startups joining its third cohort.


Incredible projects are emerging and transforming the lives of people in need while improving the comfort of all.  Technology for the disabled and all handitech innovations offer truly inclusive tools which act as levers, making it easier for everyone to participate in society.  If we want to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, we need to have an impact on all aspects of their daily lives. The accelerator is currently hosting 7 new solutions including artificial intelligence, robotics, digital technology, augmented skin, exoskeletons, man-machine interfaces, home automation, and virtual reality. All the technologies developed by these startups present opportunities to create useful solutions for the 12 million French people living with disabilities.

The HUA! acceleration program is supported by the City of Paris and the program’s founding members, the Macif Group and the Ile-de-France Regional Office of Pôle Emploi. Additional support comes from partners committed to the social and professional integration of people with disabilities, such as AGEFIPH (an association in charge of managing funds for the professional integration of people with disabilities), the MDPH de Paris (a departmental organization for disabled people) and associations such as AFM Telethon and LFSEP (the French League against Multiple Sclerosis).



VEEBYA  Application for booking drivers specialized in serving the disabled, promoting the inclusion of people with special needs.

TACTILAPTIC – Device allowing people with poor motor skills/capacity for expression to replicate music and sounds thanks to the concept of augmented skin activated between the person and their companion.

U31  Semi-automatic transcription tool which analyzes content and proposes adaptations to make the written word accessible to people who have trouble understanding.

MYJUGAAD – Platform that assists the elderly, people with disabilities, and/or those who are fragile or isolated with all stages of their move to a new residence.

BLABBERMOUTH  Application for people with disabilities which provides advice, with the help of professionals, on beauty, fitness and well-being.

STEEPHEN X Brain-machine interface allowing people with motor disabilities to operate a computer in order to enter the professional world.

5 DISCOVERY  Platform offering immersive training dedicated to "softskills" and in virtual reality.


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