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Women and entrepreneurs: inspiring stories


Paris&Co's female entrepreneurs have got talent! Since 2019, 1/3 of the Paris&Co startup management teams have been 100% female or mixed. This encouraging progression confirms the need to continue our efforts to increase business creation gender diversity and to promote better access to support and funding.


On International Women's Rights Day, we are launching the monthly discovery of women or women team entrepreneurs who head up budding startups supported by Paris&Co. They are all dedicated to solving key future challenges, whether human or environmental. We are focusing on opening up the range of possibilities; there are many ways to create tomorrow's startups!


Discover these entrepreneurs:


 1. Pauline Arnaud and Anna Aflalo are the creators of Kuti Kuti, the brand that stimulates children's creativity and ingenuity through fun, family-centered manual activities. Anna is passionate about science and specializes in experimental design. Pauline is a graphic designer by profession and is passionate about DIY. Both share committed, ecological (recycled materials, made in France etc.) and social values, in particular by promoting intergenerational transmission through these activities designed to be enjoyed with the family.

Discover Pauline Arnaud on Linkedin

Discover Anna Aflalo on Linkedin

Kuti Kuti is supported by LINCC


2. Julie Bonnecarrere is the co-founder and CEO of Nothern Lights Entertainment which publishes Nebulae, a multiplayer online strategy game. Politics and video games are two passions shared by former Sciences Po students Julie and her partner and co-founder. Their management video game was created from this ingenious mix, letting players manage their galactic universe from a political and economic point of view.

Discover Julie Bonnecarrere on Linkedin and Twitter

Northern Lights Entertainment is supported by LINCC 

3. Julie Bernard and Hélène de Vestele are the founders of Edeni, an SSE that trains individuals and companies to lead a healthier and greener lifestyle. Julie is no stranger to entrepreneurship as in 2015 she founded Talently, the platform that connects talent with companies. Hélène’s associative and professional background and her world travels have developed her sensitivity to major environmental and social issues. They embody these convictions through a project whose mission is to raise citizens' ecological, health and ethical awareness to bring about lasting changes in habits.

Discover Julie Bernard on Linkedin

Discover Hélène de Vestele on Linkedin and Twitter

Edeni is supported by Ville Durable


4. Annabelle Le Corfec has a fascinating story. It was during an investment fund internship (West Web Valley) while studying business at HEC that Annabelle experienced her first startup contact and decided to make a real impact through her professional experience. Thanks to this internship, she was offered the opportunity to integrate a work-study position into the portfolio’s startup, Ecotree! She was in charge of developing the company’s strategic projects, including new offers. She fell in love with this environmentally and socially orientated company whose mission is to develop forestry assets by providing know-how and management services. The experience was so successful that Ecotree offered her a permanent contract as Innovation Manager in charge of a team of three!

Discover Annabelle Le Corfec on Linkedin

Ecotree is supported by Le Swave



5. How to go from the research world to that of a future Deeptech startup? Jeanne Volatron's career as a nanomedicine researcher and co-founder of the Deeptech Everzom is a perfect illustration. With her scientific and academic background in molecular physical chemistry, nothing predestined her for the startup world. However, during her thesis Jeanne discovered entrepreneurship, thanks to training to promote research through business creation. After obtaining her PHD and entrepreneurship training at Centrale Supélec, she met her future partner with whom she founded Everzom, which is developing an industrial process for the bioproduction of extracellular vesicles (exosomes) that regenerate damaged tissue. It is an exciting new alternative in regenerative medicine and raised €1.1 million in 2019 to develop its exosome bioproduction platform. They won the Innovation Grand Prix 2040 category, which rewards innovative companies meeting major future societal challenges.

Discover Jeanne on Linkedin

Everzom is winner of the 2019 Grands Prix de l'Innovation


6. Meet My Mama is the story of Loubna Ksibi and Donia Souad Amamra, two committed founders who aim to reveal the culinary talents of immigrant and refugee women. They met during an internship. Loubna is doing a master's degree in digital economy at Paris Dauphine and Donia is studying at Sciences Po. They both grew up with women who influenced them with their talent and passion for their country's cuisine. They both also wish to have a strong societal and environmental impact through entrepreneurship and innovation. Meet My Mama was created from this common vision, a caterer and a training school committed to helping women make a living from their cooking passion. To date, the startup has a network of more than 1000 clients and over 200 "Mamas”.

Discover Loubna Ksibi on Linkedin and Twitter

Discover Donia Souad Amamra on Linkedin

Meet My Mama is supported by Smart Food Paris


7. Founder and CEO of OLY Be, Gaëlle Frizon de Lamotte launched her startup with the support of Le Tremplin, aiming to create a company with a positive impact on people's lives. Today OLY Be is the yoga and wellness sports practices leader in France. Oly Be raised €1.5 million in 2020.

Discover Gaëlle Frizon de la Motte on Linkedin and Twitter

Oly Be is a Le Tremplin alumni


8. Aïcha Dieme, Magali Bragard, Marielle and Marguerite Delalonde, respectively a pediatrician, a set photographer, a scriptwriter and a BNP Paribas business analyst, created MaMaMa, a young solidarity association that distributes basic necessity packages to women and children. With different backgrounds, the 4 women initiated MaMaMa during the first lockdown while they were volunteers for the Red Cross and the Covidom unit of the Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP), to respond to these families’ urgent needs. The association is now considering creating a third place dedicated to women.

Discover Aïcha Dieme on Linkedin

Discover Magali Bragard on Linkedin

MaMaMa is a project supported by l’Arc de l'innovation


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