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The rise of positive impact in innovation


Two recent news demonstrate the growing interest the French government, investment funds and civil society may have in companies that have a positive impact on the environment, people and society:

*Published with the kind authorization of JETRO (the Japan Externel Trade Organization)


  1. The French government wants to support GreenTechs

The government has just finalized its roadmap for more virtuous digital technology capable of responding to environmental challenges. Among the flagship measures: an increase in the reconditioning of smartphones, tablets, computers and an increase in aid to GreenTechs.


Indeed, the government would like to increase investments in GreenTech, these technological and innovative solutions that serve the ecological transition and reduce the impact of human and industrial activities on the planet.


The government wishes to extend support for the FrenchTech mission, in conjunction with the network of GreenTech Innovation incubators, to a selection of GreenTech startups with high potential. To finance these nuggets and, more broadly, responsible innovations, an aid fund of 300 million euros will soon be created.


  1. A new nugget of impact takes off

Vestiaire Collective, a platform specializing in second-hand fashion, has just raised 178 million euros from the French luxury group Kering and the American investment firm Tiger Global Management.


After a very good year 2020, which saw the volume of transactions on the platform increase by more than 100% compared to the previous year, this fundraising grants unicorn status to the company.


The second-hand resale industry as a whole is experiencing strong growth, especially among millennials and Gen Z.


The health crisis has accelerated a movement initiated since the Paris Agreement in 2015, and reinforced with the Pacte law of 2019. Today, civil society is not just asking businesses to get involved. It expects concrete actions from companies which must be committed to having a positive societal and environmental impact.


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