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The Urban Lab unveils the 15 winning projects of the Urban Innovation Districts 3rd edition

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Today the Urban Lab, Paris&Co's urban innovation platform, and its partners unveiled the winning solutions for the "Paris Rive Gauche" Urban Innovation District (13th). While the aim of this urban experimentation approach is to test innovative projects in real conditions, it is also an illustration of a very concrete collaboration between public and private players, including residents. Ultimately, these projects will help improve the living environment of Parisians and strengthen the attractiveness, resilience and simplicity of city living.


Announced in the form of an urban walk, reinvented for the occasion in digital format, the 15 winning projects of this third edition are illustrated in 3 new themes: "Produce, consume and transform on a local scale", "Vegetate and refresh the city" and "Reinforce the accessibility and mobility of the region".


Anticipation, confrontation with the field and users, co-construction between public and private actors, reversibility... What if urban experimentation heralds a new approach to city living? Make up your own mind: watch the replay of the event and listen to our new series of podcasts focused on this third edition.


Find the replay of the event (in french)




Immerse yourself in the world of each project by listening to the third edition podcast series (in french)


> 4SafeMobilities by LACROIX Lab, Wintics and MERCURA

LACROIX City, together with Wintics and Mercura, is developing a technological system to intelligently regulate traffic flows at intersections and crosswalks. This system autonomously prioritizes users, public transportation or emergency vehicles, making it possible to secure and optimize mobility for a more pleasant neighborhood.

> Altane by Roofscapes

Roofscapes transforms unused sloped roofs into green roofs to mitigate the effects of global warming.

> Birds For Change

A research-action project partnership with the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and the Museum of Natural History, Birds For Change is an educational facility designed to raise awareness of waste collection and biodiversity in urban environments. Working with corvids, birds often perceived as pests, the mission of Birds for Change is to educate citizens on the risks of pollution and create an electroshock of collective awareness.

> Coordination.Ordonnée.Paris (COP) by Duckt

The Duckt project proposes a universal electric scooter parking and charging. This solution reduces charging and maintenance flows for micro-mobility fleet operators.


In the form of a mobile application, this solution accompanies visually impaired people at every stage of their public transport journey. Ezymob thus contributes to a more inclusive mobility.

> Permaculture and educational farm for Dunois schools by les fourmis qui jardinent

A permaculture demo and circular economy pilot site, this urban farm will offer educational workshops on Dunois schools 1600m2 rooftops..

> Voluntary food waste composting stations by  les Alchimistes 

Composting food waste at home is now possible: this project links neighborhoods to voluntary composting stations, to form an autonomous community of citizen composters. The Alchemists facilitate the food waste composting right outside your front door.  This project proposes linking the neighborhood through voluntary composting stations, to form an autonomous community of citizen composters.

> Transitional urban planning to rebuild the Bruneseau district by le Plateau urbain

An urban prefiguration approach offering cultural and artistic events along the Paris-Ivry axis and open spaces for events under the ring road.

> Let's free up the ground, one pavement at a time by Aquacoop

The project accompanies a group of inhabitants in the de-waterproofing and transformation of a portion of public areas. The objective: to reduce the discharge of rainwater into networks and develop a common culture based on urban water management and revegetation.

> Mobilypod by Nielsen Concept

A secure bike shelter offering seven standard bike spaces and a subscription-based cargo bike service, this solution is designed to encourage the use of bicycles as a means of commuting and to enhance parking security.

> NovAccess by C3A

NovAccess is setting up a secure, dematerialized intercom system for building residents to allow service providers (home care, maintenance, delivery, etc.) simplified access to common areas (lobby, concierge, premises, etc.).

> Paris2Connect by ATC France, Aximum, Nokia, RATP and Signify

Paris2Connect seeks to demonstrate how a shared urban digital infrastructure, via streetlamps and traffic lights for example, can meet the growing needs of Smart Cities. Enhancing connectivity and autonomous mobility, it’s an inclusive approach that respects the environment and urban inhabitants.

Zero waste lunch break by Uzaje

Uzaje helps restaurant owners provide waste-free meals through reusable and returnable containers.  Uzaje charges the restaurant for the supply of clean containers, recovery/delivery logistics, and cleaning dirty containers.

> Vertuo Oasis by Vertuo

Vertuo poses a key question for cities adapting to climate change: how to revegetate urban centers that no longer have access to land? Modular and reversible, Oasis solutions let cities grow plants without the need for watering, creating green “cocoons” conducive to resting and reconnecting with nature.

> V-bike : Modular bicycle trailers that transport dry, fresh (+5°C) and frozen (-18°C) products by VESNA by ESC

The V-bike is a refrigerated bicycle trailer adapted to local urban logistics. It is totally modular and can simultaneously transport dry, fresh and frozen products while respecting the cold chain. This agile and ecological solution is one alternative to refrigerated trucks.


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