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Paris Landing Pack_Explore season 6: and the winners are


Discover the new batch of Comet: 14 international entrepreneurs from all over the globe! 

With its thriving tech ecosystem, Paris is a perfect gateway for entrepreneurs wishing to conquer the European market. In order to help them deploy and boost their business on the French market, Paris&Co launched one year ago the Paris Landing Pack_Explore.The previous seasons hosted more than 50 startups from all over the world and various sectors that all spent one month in Paris&Co’s international incubator, Comet. The group of entrepreneurs benefited from a dedicated program of workshops on how to accelerate their business in the French capital. Some of them registered a legal structure in France, confirming Paris’ attractiveness for international startups. 

Who they are: - Environment, Energy - B2B, Hardware - Poland
Airly builds networks of air quality sensors that can be deployed across entire cities to enable real-time monitoring of air quality via an online map.

Bridgr - HRTech, EdTech - B2B – Canada
BRIDGR is a Marketplace that allows manufacturers to find and collaborate with qualified experts and technologies to digitalize their operations. 

ConnectData - Real-estate, Environment - B2C – Brazil
Technology startup focused on increasing efficiency to construction sector through predictive analysis, collecting data by IoT devices. 

Exportunity - E-commerce, Financing - B2C, B2B, Software, Hardware – Mauritius
Exportunity is the first trade platform designed for the trust-based trade practices in the African region.

Fleexer Team - Social & sharing economy - B2B, Software – Canada
Team sourcing platform and tools which develop successful and innovative ideas that multiply rapidly with open collaboration. 

INSTO / Installments Inc - E-commerce, Social & sharing economy – Software – USA
INSTO is the world's first person-to-person installment payment and schedule payment platform. 

KEA Medicals - Health, biotechnology - B2C, B2B, Software – Benin
KEA Medicals aims to interconnect African hospitals through a single database in order to manage the whole patient medical information and provide an easy access to health care. 

Mash&Co - Cultural & digital industries, EdTech - B2C, B2B, Software – Italy
Transmedia interactive content for Kids and family. 

MySmark - E-commerce, Tourism -B2B, Software - Ireland
MySmark is a customer experience toolbox for understanding and augmenting the emotional connection with consumers in travel and commerce. 

Piipee - Environment, Cleantech - B2C, B2B – Brazil
Piipee is a solution that eliminates in 100% water usage in urination. And cost less than water! 

Sharp-Plus Inc – Pet care - B2C, Hardware - South Korea
A remote-controllable robotic ball camera enables you to interact with your pet in distance.

VR Tracker - Cultural & digital industries, Virtual Reality - B2B, Software, Hardware - Canada
VR Tracker enables true multiplayer and free roaming VR experiences thanks to its tracking technology. 

Wekiwi France – Cleantech, Greentech - B2C, B2B – Italy
Wekiwi is the first online energy supplier, low-cost and with innovative tools. 

World Tech – HRTech, EdTech - B2C, B2B – USA
World Tech shapes how the world learns. 


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Paris&Co becomes Startup Europe Ambassador

Paris&Co proudly becomes “Startup Europe Ambassador” in France. The Startup Europe Ambassadors are a group of key influencers in the European startup ecosystems to provide information and advice about the European Commission's Startup Europe initiative. The objective is to democratise the startup phenomenon so that every citizen has a fair chance to become a successful entrepreneurs wherever they are located in Europe. The ambassadors will also help startups in their growth phase to have access to all the opportunities offered at European level. All Startup Europe Ambassadors are publicly presented today at the “Startup Europe Campfire” held in Paris.