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Paris&Co announces the 20 finalists of the 2018 Innovation Grand Prix


Finalistes Grands Prix de l'Innovation 2018

On 25 October at Le Cargo, Paris&Co unveiled the 20 finalists for the first 4 categories of the 2018 Innovation Grand Prix, in the presence of the finalist entrepreneurs and corporate partners.

The competition, which covers 5 categories this year, awards each prizewinner a €12,000 grant as well as incubation with Paris&Co. The first 4 categories are reserved for innovative French companies, while the 5th category is open to both French and international projects.


Catégory Energy and mobility

Finalistes Energie et mobilité Grands Prix de l'Innovation 2018
  • K-Ryole
  • CWS Morel
  • Tryon
  • La Caverne
  • Fludis


Catégory Mobile and connected  city dweller

Finalistes Urbain mobile et connecté Grands Prix de l'Innovation 2018
  • Nannybag
  • R-Pur
  • Cityz’
  • Staycation
  • B : bot (Vertuoos)


Catégory E-health

Finalistes E-santé Grands Prix de l'Innovation 2018
  • Wandercraft SAS
  • CC/ Contact
  • VitaDX international
  • Kee Lab
  • Doctoconsult



Catégory Reinventing user experience 

Finalistes Expérience client réinventée Grands Prix de l'Innovation 2018
  • Papernest
  • Jenji
  • Syos
  • Datagora
  • Odiho




During a round table discussion, Elodie Djuric and Clothilde Chalot, founders of and NomadMusic and winners of the 2017 Grand Prix, looked back on their respective experiences of the competition. Excerpts:

Elodie Djuric

On filming the video shown during the awards ceremony: “Filming the video was very tough for me because I hate seeing myself on camera – but it turned out to be great, and now it’s my standard pitch. It’s been incredibly useful!” Clothilde Chalot.

Regarding the coaching session to enhance finalist presentations, organized for them by Grand Prix corporate partners: “The coaching approach was relaxed, and we really got into the meat of the topic; the partners challenged me, and I got to challenge them back. You’ve got to try it, it’s a fantastic exercise! In just half an hour we’d all upped our game”, Clothilde Chalot.

Relating to the jury: “The jury was impressive, and their questions were very pertinent and sharp due to the diversity of jury members. Each person had a distinct positioning and there were questions about every slide. It was a very positive experience for me, because everyone gave constructive criticism”, Clothilde Chalot.

On the post-award impact: “We gained a lot of media attention and new clients when Jobset won the Innovation Grand Prix, and new investors have also contacted us. We were lucky enough to get a great article in a professional HR journal and we won €12,000 euros – a significant sum that will help us grow our teams!”, Elodie Djuric.

The media buzz is brilliant, as it’s a competition that attracts lots of attention; we did a documentary for the morning TV program Télé Matin on France 2 that we’re still using today. There’s clearly a before/after effect: next year we’ll have around 15 employees thanks to funds raised. It’s given us new energy and great momentum. We’re now part of a recognized label – on top of winning one of the biggest prizes!”, Clothilde Chalot.


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