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Moonshot 2040 : 10 finalists for the Franco-international Grand Prix category


Moonshot 2040

Only 10 candidates are still in the running after the first jury selection! The Innovation Grand Prix Moonshot 2040 finalists are working to design the city of the future.

Committed to overcoming societal challenges, they are rethinking the lifestyle experience of 2040. They're envisioning projects to support carbon-free, sustainable cities where people and the environment are priorities.

Collaborative cities, new construction using revolutionary ecological materials, scaling up urban farms, providing everyone with energy from solar balloons, putting power back in the hands of citizens..., Our finalists come from India, Brazil, France and Belgium:

Learn more about the ten Moonshot 2040 finalists

The prizewinner will be announced at the 2018 Innovation Grand Prix awards ceremony!

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