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Le Swave unveils new boldness and resilience cohort


Le Swave, Paris & Co's first innovation and incubation platform dedicated to fintechs, insurtechs and paytechs, today announced the eleven new projects that will integrate its fourth cohort. These 11 startups and scale-ups selected with platform partners have a higher seniority profile than previous cohorts.


During the November 2020 call for proposals, 78 companies applied to join the incubation program. After an initial selection, 21 projects were chosen by the corporate partners (Société Générale, AG2R La Mondiale, Mastercard, Matmut, La Française des Jeux, Exton Consulting and Le Crédit Municipal de Paris) for 100% digital pitch sessions. Despite the past year’s difficult economic and health context, clearly fintechs have not just resisted. This was reflected in the final projects auditioned, which demonstrated their resilience and strong financing.


The eleven companies joining Swave’s 4th cohort have an interesting seniority profile. They have a starting average of 16.6 employees and an average 2020 turnover of over one million euros. This new promotion is made up of real drivers and younger companies that need support to find the famous "product market fit". And the stakes are high in the face of increasingly fierce competition for French fintechs.


"I am very pleased that Swave is supporting two impact projects this year within a promotion of 11 startups. The values sustainability and responsibility that are deeply embedded in Swave’s DNA will find their full embodiment here. This segment, undoubtedly one of the most difficult to develop, should nevertheless be at the heart of everyone's concerns... Our collective resilience is at stake... and that alone will take daring," says Edouard Plus, Director of Paris&Co Business Solutions Pole.



EcoTree - EcoTree is a forest management company that values and rewards individual and company ecological awareness in planting trees.

ICA - Opensee - ICA is a solution enabling almost unlimited amounts of digital data to be exploited, overcoming existing storage solutions inability to offer powerful analysis tools in such volumes.

Mila - Mila is a new property insurance company specializing in real estate professional risk.

OnlyOne - OnlyOne is a sustainable financial institution that has developed an all-in-one application where spending, saving and earning money is synonymous with making a positive impact on our future.

Qlower - Qlower simplifies the real estate investor’s life by combining Open Banking and Artificial Intelligence technologies and offers a real-time rental management service.

Sharegroop - ShareGroop is the first predictive payment solution that allows sellers to customize their payment experience based on their customers' profiles and orders.

ShareID - ShareID creates digital trust between individuals and businesses when exchanging personal data online through continuous identity authentication.

Spliiit - Spliiit is a matchmaking and payment intermediary platform. The startup allows subscription owners and subscribers to save money and enjoy added services.

Vialink - Vialink is the reference PayTech for complex business process digitalization. Its mission is to revolutionize the customer experience (mainly through digital onboarding) thanks to an automatic verification solution for customer documents and an electronic signature solution.

Woonivers - Woonivers is reinventing tax refunds. Their mobile application allows users to request and receive their VAT refunds from online or in-store purchases directly via their smartphones in minutes!  

Yakman - Yakman is the insurtech expert in solidarity risk coverage and is designing future risk coverage for retailers and their customers. Yakman offers a white-label online platform to manage the entire customer journey, from enrolment to claims management, as well as all financial flows.


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