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Apéro Livresque: the books of your childhood | Nuit de la lecture 2020

18.01.2020 18h

2 rue Saint-Médard 75005 Paris

Join us for a relaxed Apéro Livresque where you can chat with other readers about these books that marked your childhood

The Little Prince, Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolaterie, Les malheurs de Sophie… Ah, these books that make up the library of our youth… A little tear would almost tickle our eye on second thought, wouldn’t it? In fact, sometimes we reread them in our pajamas by the fire with a good hot chocolate, just like old times… How about we share one of those delightful moments of literary nostalgia?
On the occasion of the Nuit de la Lecture, Le Labo de l'édition and Déjà invite you to their Apéro Livresque "Les livres de notre enfance", 18 January 2020 at 6pm.
One and only goal: to meet other big children and exchange around your youth reading! The little ones are also welcome to share their favourite moments with us.
A single rule: bring a book that marked your childhood!
NEW: 40 Cheques Lire in the amount of 10€ are to be won for the first 40 arrivals;) So come early to enjoy our supercalifragilisticexpidélilicieux program:
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The Booklet Buffet
Everyone brings one of the books that marked his childhood! All genres are allowed: that you are amateur.trice of «Goosebumps», feru. e of the tales of Perrault and Grimm, addicted to the Bibliothèque Rose or still unconditional.le of the comic books, proudly display your childhood crush! Place it with the other books of the participants on the table (secure) of the bookcase buffet. You can discover the favourite books of the people present and exchange with them!
The Buffet Aperitif
The evening takes place around a collaborative buffet! Each brings a little something to share: gingerbread, pumpkin juice, Monster Munchs, chocolates, candies, and accessory wine, breads, cheeses and others for the most adult of us.
The Animations Livresques
Share with Déjà, the social network for sharing and recommending books for ALL readers! A fun and intuitive site that allows you to find your next book and share your reading experiences. During the evening, you can discover the participants' virtual libraries live.
Write the story of your childhood with La Plume in question, a literary association proposing different types of activities around literature and writing. For the past five years, she has organized writing workshops, readers' committees where she discovers aspiring authors, meetings with book and publishing professionals, and a book club. The Plume in question offers you during the Apéro Livresque a writing workshop on the life story! It will be the occasion to put on paper some of your childhood memories!
The Place
Pass the doors of the Labo de l'édition, place in the heart of Quartier Latin dedicated to innovation in the book. Composed of an incubator of startups and an animation platform, it is a space for meetings and collective experimentation that invites everyone to discover, test and imagine the solutions of tomorrow.