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Pixacare raises €1.9 million to become the European leader in skin disease monitoring

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Supported by Tech Care Paris, the Paris&Co health and well-being innovation platform, this startup has just completed a €1.9 million financing round with SAAS Partners, with the participation of Techmind and business angels.

Founded in April 2019, this Strasbourg-based startup offers a skin pathology monitoring software that currently has more than 14,000 patients. The software allows caregivers to take pictures of wounds with a dedicated and secure application. In addition, the tool makes it possible for caregivers in the city and at the hospital to communicate with each other about treatment, with enriched visual information on the development of the lesion. Finally, users can generate a report describing the healing and integrate it into the computerized patient file.


"Our algorithms analyze the wound using a patented colorimetric and centimetric marker. The caregiver places the marker on the skin adjacent to the wound and retrieves key information in a few moments," says Vincent Marceddu, CTO and co-founder.


These chronic wounds represent a major financial challenge for the healthcare system: 3 billion per year for the French social security system and 30 billion per year in the United States. Standardized monitoring and documentation of these wounds not only allows for more effective collaboration between caregivers, but also for earlier detection of complications, not to mention the travel time saved for vulnerable people.


"COVID has shown us the need to use remote monitoring tools for chronic wounds. Pixacare is an effective and easy-to-use tool that can be easily used by the client. It facilitates and improves monitoring for these often elderly patients. The decision support tools go in the same direction, making treatment for these patients, which is still too often erratic, more reliable", says Guillaume Maxant, Head of the Vascular Surgery Department at the Haguenau Hospital, a Pixacare user.


This fundraising will allow six people to be recruited, accelerate commercial development and permit obtaining the necessary clinical validations for medical devices.


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