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Call for applications 2022 : Level 256 is looking for the next generation of esports entrepreneurs


Event of the year on the Level 256 side, the platform's annual call for applications is a high point for innovation and economic development in esports. 2022 will be no exception and it is perfectly natural that we announce the launching of the 2022 call for applications in order to integrate the 5th cohort of Level 256 from February 1st 2022 to March 15th 2022.

The platform is looking into the future of this sector and wishes to be as close as possible to the actors of innovation but also to the leaders of innovative projects whether they are in early or rather developed phases. Level 256 acts as a catalyst for innovation in the esports ecosystem, bringing together a diversity of professions, skills and experience to help and support the transformation of the sector. Each of our partners (Caisse des Dépôts, Groupe FDJ, AUDITOIRE, GL events and the City of Paris) contributes its know-how and vision in a spirit of co-construction.


What is the call for applications?

From February 1st to March 15th 2022, the platform is launching a call for applications for the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the esports sector. During this period, innovative projects apply to join Level 256: the 1st global innovation platform dedicated to the esports sector. At the end of the period, the applications are studied by Level 256 and all its partners to select the candidates who will pass the oral exams which consist in pitching the project in front of a jury composed of the Level 256 team, all the partners and experts of the esports and innovation sector (business angels, VC, financers). Finally, those selected at the end of these oral presentations will be able to join Level 256 according to the support formula chosen (seed for young projects or take-off for already structured projects).


How to apply?

It couldn't be easier! To apply, simply go to the website of the call for applications and click on "Apply" in order to initiate your file in the process. Please note that in order to be selected, you need to complete your application and "submit" it in order to be included in the projects submitted for the 2022 application. The number of projects selected each year is not fixed, so don't worry, there will be a place for all the laureates who will have passed the various selection stages.


Are there specific innovation themes?

As every year and after discussions with the platform's partners, we draw up a list of themes of interest to stakeholders in the sector in order to include them in the annual call for applications. This year, here are the selected themes:

  • Corportate social responsability : CSR oriented projects that promote ethical, inclusive and healthy practice. These may include projects supporting the feminization of the practice, gender equality, the environment, health, prevention, disability and accessibility.
  • New Technologies : Any project based on new technologies such as the implementation of a blockchain network, exploiting NFT, evolving in a metaverse or developing a 3D modeling, video capture/production technology as well as any AI or data-oriented project, etc.
  • Player & Spectator experiences : Any project developing augmented, virtual or mixed reality technologies, haptic technologies, and in general any innovation allowing to enrich the spectator experience during physical or digital events (organization, logistics, realization, production, diffusion etc.).
  • Practise Development : Innovative projects that promote capillarity with the territories, the supervision of the practice or the development of new equipment and infrastructures. It can be projects that improve the performance of amateur or professional players and the general player experience through innovations that improve connectivity, networks, using 5G, etc. 
  • Audiences and broadcasting : Projects focused on audience interaction allowing to improve engagement, loyalty and monetization of the audience and its analysis (management, analysis, projection etc.) as well as any project developing the broadcasting experience (streaming for example).

Jury members will pay particular attention to these themes, but they are not compulsory criteria, so if your project or company does not fall within these thematic choices, do not hesitate to apply!


Now you have everything you need to make up your mind and apply to Level 256, the world's leading platform for innovation and economic development dedicated to esports.

So don't wait any longer and apply before March 15th midnight

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