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[2021 key figures and trends] Paris&Co unveils its startups Barometer


Business, jobs, fundings... It's time to learn from the figures and insights of the year 2021! Our Barometer unveils key activity figures revealed by the 460 startups supported by Paris&Co last year : the recovery of business activity and recruitment, fundraising, the turning point of the social and environmental impact, etc.




1. Strong recovery in commercial activity with doubled turnover on average


The result is clear: business recovery indicators in 2021 are on the rise! The previous year, we announced a clear drop in startup-generated turnover resulting from the crisis underway. But we also highlighted the great resilience and creativity of project leaders who were able to adapt and find new ways to meet needs. Supporting and boosting business   was thus a priority, both for startups and incubation teams, who stepped up their support.


"We had launched the RENFORT program in 2020 to support Parisian startups faced with the upheaval generated by Covid. This program was extended into early 2021 to maintain a high level of monitoring, and some support formats we put into place have been permanently maintained. In total, nearly 350 workshops were organized by the Paris&Co Startups team in 2021," explains Louise-Marie Véron, Director of Startup Development at Paris&Co.  


As a result, commercial activity has regained its dynamism, with turnover doubling on average compared to 2020, i.e. €615,000, and €209 million in cumulative turnover, i.e. +70% vs. 2020.

Increased international activity, although more moderate, is also making a comeback: 40% declare having an activity abroad vs. 34% in 2020. This is reflected in recruitment, the existence of offices, and/or recurring sales.

This new momentum has helped boost hiring, with an average of 12.5 FTEs per startup, and helped to support a total of 5,729 jobs across the 460 projects involved.


2. €174 million to finance startup growth in promising sectors and solutions with social & environmental impact


In 2021, 30% of Paris&Co-supported companies raised funds during the year. This proportion has remained fairly stable over the years, despite a slight drop this year (-3 points). "We are still seeing relative reluctance due to the crisis in sector verticals that have historically been important for Paris&Co. For example, in tourism, event organization or the restaurant sector, investment is slowly picking up. On the other hand, the average amounts raised are on the rise, even in seed," observes Louise-Marie Véron.


Focus on 20 financing rounds of more than €1 million:


Outside the walls, Paris&Co's alumni have also landed some great deals in 2021, including 3 financing rounds of more than €100 million! For example, Voodoo (€265 million), Shift Technologies (€220 million), 360learning (€200 million), Pledg (€80 million), or Matera (€35 million)... and many others.

3. Over 2,000 applications and 78% of startups concerned about their impact

Paris&Co’s life is organized around startup selection phases, put into place by the 12 support programs. Each year, we receive more than 2,000 applications, providing us with a wealth of information on innovation trends and the situation of young companies seeking support.


Trends :  top 3 key points


  1. Green finance, sustainable tourism, responsible food, soft mobility, inclusiveness and accessibility, etc. Environmental and social impact are becoming important parts of startups’ values, in all sectors! These criteria are also being taken into account in selecting projects: in fact, particular attention is being paid to the quality of their response to the major ecological, social and economic transition challenges in the region. Thus, in 2021, 78% of projects supported by Paris&Co declared that they take into account their project’s environmental or social impact!
    "Paris&Co has also created an Impact program, dedicated to supporting young companies wishing to strengthen their strategy on this subject, and has systematized the impact criteria in all its calls for applications. We believe this is a winning commitment for the future, to make our local ecosystem the leader in sustainable and responsible innovation. Louise-Marie Véron
  2. Digitalized solutions are booming:  the forced transition to digital in certain sectors has clearly accelerated its
  3. The challenges related to data are growing:  processing, access, security, circulation...

Discover all the trends and key figures in our Barometer!

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