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Transform yourself sustainably



  • Accelerate your business and detect weak signals with our qualified sourcing of sustainable innovative solutions
  • Make strategic decisions easier with our customized trend reports
  • Take action within a group of peers thanks to our thematic working groups focused on positive impact topics and contribute to bringing about change
  • Acculturate and train your employees to innovate and transform your organization
  • Communicate your innovative company image and employer brand
  • Participate in key events related to innovation and your sector
  • expand your influence on your environment and your current and future markets





Focus #1

Benefit from qualified sourcing 





Focus #2

Get a customized trend report 






Focus #3

Speak at en event



Benefits to you: 
•    Identify solutions that meet your business needs
•    Anticipate trends and detect weak signals before others do 
•    Collaborate, test and implement innovations that create value for your business




Benefits to you:

  • Rely on concrete sectoral monitoring related to your business stakes
  • Observe and be inspired by expert industry content to help you make strategic decisions
  • Anticipate tomorrow's trends, needs and new uses and remain relevant in the face of change





Benefits to you:

  • Share your approach to innovation, your vision of your sector and your strategic issues
  • Strengthen your employer brand
  • Communicate within a qualified ecosystem



An example:

  • Identification of startups on the theme "Transforming points of sale into points of customer experience" for a large corporate group & scoring the solutions identified via a decision-making tool






An example:

  • A report written on behalf of a group covering the challenges of web 3.0 and the metaverse: definition, the law and the metaverse, economic potential, mapping of the players involved, strategic recommendations from Paris&Co teams and external experts