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Choice of legal status

This will depend on whether your operation in Paris will be engaging in local sales of goods and services for profit, which qualify as commercial activities under French law.

If your operation in Paris does not conduct commercial activities :

  • The best way to test the French market is to set up a representative office. This will let you familiarize yourself with conditions and forgeties to local partners.

Your business does engage a commercial activity ? You have two options:

  • set up an offshoot of your business such as a branch, which is not a legally independent entity
  • set up a subsidiary, which is a legally distinct entity separately incorporated under French law. There are three basic types of company in France: SARL, SA and SAS


First formalities

Bank account

You can open an account with a French or foreign bank in Paris; this may be in the name of the branch or of the parent company, depending on the legal status of your business.

Business registration

The Business Formalities Centre (Centre des Formalités des Entreprises) operated by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and located in the same building as Paris&Co is a one-stop stop for administrative procedures including:

  • Registration with the business and company registry
  • Obtaining the K-bis registry extract needed to do business in France
  • Obtaining the SIRET number that will identify your business and enable you to recruit staff

Our staff can advise you and put you in touch with specialized professionals in banking, finance, legal affairs, accounting, taxation, marketing, public grants and subsidies, and other key areas.



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