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With 5 fund-raising operations initiated in one week's time, the dynamism of Paris start-ups is not to be doubted


For a number of Paris start-ups, the week just ended was one to remember, signalling their vitality and demonstrating once again just how dynamic the Paris innovation ecosystem is

5 fund-raising operations were carried out:  Actility (€20M), Finsquare (€1.5M), Payintech (€1.1 M), Pumpkin (€600K) – all incubated at Paris&Co – and La Ruche Qui Dit Oui (€8M), one of the winners of the City of Paris' Grand Prix de l’Innovation Award in 2013.

"For the entrepreneurs at the head of these start-ups, supported by the City of Paris, today is the pay-back for all of their efforts and creativity. They are going to be able to take their ideas, which generate both wealth and jobs, even further", stated a satisfied Jean-Louis Missika, Deputy to the Mayor, in charge of Attractiveness and Economic Development.

While Paris&Co and its partners have just launched a call for tenders on Le Cargo (19th Arrondissement), the largest incubator ever erected in Europe, and as the "Halle Freyssinet  - 1 000 Start-Ups" project speeds ahead, "fund-raising operations like these, with French and foreign investors, confirm the growing interest which Paris' young innovative companies enjoy", deems Missika.

Further proof of their attractiveness can be found in the fact that, over the past year, Paris has consistently been distinguished in international rankings.  It was ranked "Number 1 Metropolis for Innovation and Intellectual Capital", "Most Dynamic City in the Euro Zone", and "World's 3rd Most Attractive and Most Welcoming City for Foreign Investors", to name only a few of the honours.

Paris is also Europe's leading host city for start-ups.  It is home to 130,000m² in incubator space, where up-and-coming companies can enjoy support day-to-day in their development, facilitated by tailored financial tools and special programmes involving very large numbers of major companies.