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The capital invested in French Tech reaches $857 million in the third quarter


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France now has almost as much as investment as the UK and is way ahead of Germany.

The high-tech investment funds are today almost equal on both sides of the channel. And Paris is already claiming London's title as the European capital of start-ups. According to the latest risk capital figures from CB Insights and French Tech, France has now almost caught up with the UK in the third quarter and is far ahead of Germany, which is in third place for attracting investors. The funds have allocated more than $857 million to French Tech, only 7% less than was invested in London ($919 million).


France has seen a huge rise in investment compared with 2015, up to €1.5 billion in nine months, representing an increase of 71%. A historic number of young start-ups have benefited: 145 from June to September, compared with an average of 59 per quarter since 2012. The total for the year has reached 368, which is another record. With this dynamic, France is leaving Germany at a standstill. Particularly as investment in Germany has fallen slightly ($462 million).

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