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Sports in Paris : 14 locations are waiting for your ideas!


To carry on the various initiatives designed to improve the range of sports available in Parisian public places, the City of Paris now intends to increase the offering of innovative sports facilities tailored to urban life.

The City of Paris therefore wishes to take new steps in this area and is addressing the various institutional stakeholders in sports (sports clubs, associations, federations, sports industries) and also architects and designers, in order to invite them to submit offers tailored to the development of sport in the city.

To this effect, a list of available sites is provided to candidates, subject to the conditions set out below. 

You may submit your projects until 11 March inclusive.

Cleck here to submit



Design, building and operation of the facilities for sporting activities without any City-grant and without the City performing any construction works.

Legal status

Land occupancy agreement (convention d’occupation domaniale) for a maximum duration of 5 years (shorter duration for some of the locations).


The applicants can bid on one or several locations, alone or jointly with other partners.


Selection criteria

  • Appropriateness and quality of the sporting project proposed
  • Quality and consistency of the allocated means (technical quality of the facilities and integration into their urban surroundings, functional and technical operating methods)
  • Credentials of the applicant and/or of the associated engineering consulting firms
  • Economical balance and return on investments taking into account the duration of the project and the amount of the fee



  • 11 January 2016 : launch of the call for tenders
  • 11 March 2016 : Deadline for submission of tenders
  • May-June 2016 : Selection of the successful candidate for each location and execution of the occupancy agreements.
  • September 2016 : Opening of the first facilities.

These details will be regularly updated and available on


Map of the 14 selected locations


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