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Paris Landing Pack_Explore March 2017 - "And the winners are!!!"


Paris&Co is happy to announce the selection of international startups coming this March for the Paris Landing Pack_Explore, a business acceleration program launched by the agency.
During 4 weeks, these startups will share desks in a Paris&Co co-working space based in one of the top neighborhoods in Paris, St-Germain-des-Prés!
They will access a complete tool kit on doing business in France through numerous workshops and network events!
The Paris Landing Pack _Explore is a program targeted to help them validate their product or solution on the French market, to explore business opportunities in Paris.


Who are they?

Pzartech (Israël)

Pzartech develops a 3D recognition technology that enables user of heavy equipment to quickly identify mechanical parts using 3D image processing and deep learning. We enable maintenance operator to receive info regarding the mechanical parts they are working on using 3D cameras from the next generation of smartphones and tablets. According to our discussion with airline companies, our solution could save up to 7% of maintenance time.


# yQ (Netherlands)

Have you ever asked yourself why people are queueing? And whether it is really necessary to queue?
Wouldn’t it be nicer to not queue and still get what you want?
At yQ we found a way to do so!
Of course we want to carry it our to all the queues in the world, but to fully develop everything around it, we will start with tourism.
In tourism the queues are among the longest (longer than in any supermarket and longer than most governmental organizations) and tourists only have limited time.
People on a 2 day city trip, basically have 48 hours…and then they have to queue 3 hours here and 2 hours there… WHY?
Lets picture this…
You are in Paris with your better half and you want to see the Louvre. Instead of waiting in line in the typical Parisian weather, you can buy a ticket with yQ and free up your time to enjoy a gallery, cafe, bar or anything else you wish for.
When it is almost your turn to enter the Louvre, we will let you know and you don’t have to waste any time in the queue.


# Collabee (Korea)

Team messengers have gained a lot of traction as the main channel of communication for teams. However, the problem of fragmented discussions and workflow that's inherent in messaging solutions like Slack, requires teams to constantly monitor these tools to keep track, instead of getting work done. Meaning, there are still a lot of organizations out there that cannot use a real-time messenger solution as their main communication channel.
What's different about collabee is that it organizes all of the team's communication and workflow by each of the issues that they address, from one platform, so they can go back to focusing on getting things accomplished. With collabee teams can track the natural progression of how issues are addressed through, discussions, file/link sharing, scheduling, & task management, from one easy-to-manage screen.
Instead of constantly being bombarded by irrelevant updates, in collabee, you're only updated on the issues that pertain to you. All updates are also organized by each issue so users can quickly keep track of everything through the smart newsfeed. Furthermore, all of your files, tasks, decisions, and events are connected together, which makes searching without keywords or file names no longer a problem, because everything is only one click away from the full contextual history.


# Zave App (Mexico)

Zaveapp is a mobile piggy bank for millennials enhanced with gamification and social features that enables people to save money for short term goals such as buying vacation, a new gadget or having an emergency fund.


DFON Biomedical (Taiwan)

Losing collagen is the main cause for skin wrinkle. Our scientists have found the key to effectively regain the lost collagen and make you 10 years younger in just 28 days.
The official human subjects research shows that our anti-aging serum can increase collagen production by 30% and pores decreased by 29.8%. These results are already close to micro cosmetic surgery, the invasive treatment.


Botparner (Taiwan)

Botpartner presents Louis.
# Louis is a friend who is present on all instant messaging applications. Like whats up, Facebook message, WeChat etc. It responds to you at once and at any time.
# Louis is a funny person who only talks to you by pictures or videos of him.
# Louis connects human being and things together. he makes machines understand your needs. In fact, in chat with Louis, by a written or vocal message, you can turn on or off the light even at long distance.
With Louis, we can communicate, have fun, learn, ask for some  services, and enjoy the Smart Home in the future.


DOINN (Portugal) is an online platform where short term rentals hosts and property managers can automatically schedule services such as housekeeping and laundry, provided by professional hotel services providers. 
Thanks to automatic integration using our seamless API and other tools like icals, big platforms (e.g Airbnb), property managers can now book all housekeeping and laundry services they need directly in the PMS or Channel Managers. For hotel service providers, Doinn has the first Vendor SaaS that simplifies hotel providers operations for vacation rental.
By working with Doinn, property managers, both amateur and professional, can save up to 10 hours/per apartment/per week and focus instead on strategic activities and growing their property portfolio.
Doinn was founded in 2015. It currently operates in Lisbon and Porto. We are also launching our operation in Paris. 
Our value proposition is validated by the results: in 2016 our average growth rate per month was of above 30% (CAGR – nearly 20%).


Simple Expert (Tunisia)

Simple.Expert is a new kind of Development Shop. We develop websites and mobile apps with the highest level of quality, at very competitive prices and in a scalable way thanks to use of Statistics, Artificial Intelligence and an Innovative platform model.
We offer our users a web-based solution, they only need to answer a set of intelligent and dynamic questions and we offer them automated budget estimates using statistics and machine learning. Then, we connect them with a dedicated product manager. His job is to help them through all the phases from the detailed project specification to the final delivery. He coordinates the work of a network of qualified contractors who go through a rigorous selection and due diligence process.
Our contractors are mainly companies, because companies with well-defined processes are able to offer quality in a consistent way. They are still able to offer competitive prices compared to freelancers because we commit to generate recurring revenue for them. Which means they are able to develop a knowledge base on which they capitalize and use on different projects.


Stay tuned: #StartBizParis