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Paris Landing Pack_Explore and the winners are!!!


Paris&Co is happy to announce the selection of international startups coming this October from South Korea, the United States, Germany, Spain, Israel, Egypt and Taïwan for the Paris Landing Pack_Explore, a business acceleration program launched by the agency for the first time.
During 4 weeks, 9 entrepreneurs will share desks in a Paris&Co co-working space, UPPER, based in one of the top neighborhoods in Paris, St-Germain-des-Prés!
They will access a complete tool kit on doing business in France through numerous workshops and network events! The Paris Landing Pack _Explore is a program targeted to help them validate their product or solution on the French market, to explore business opportunities in Paris.
And it’s only the beginning of the international era as the Paris Landing Pack_Explore will be held 3 times a year:
March / Mid-May-Mid-June / October!


Who are they?

Read the complete presentation of the startups here.


MMOODDEELL is changing the game of modelling for models as well as clients by establishing transparency.


SmartUp Cities - SPAIN

IoT-enabled smart city solutions-as-a-service to create more smarter, live able and sustainable cities.


Intuiteo – ISRAEL

E2C develops a smartphone embedded with an application dedicated for seniors


Method Health – UNITED STATES

Healthcare is top 5 expense in most organizations. How are you analyzing health, productivity and medical costs...or are you?


Welt the Smart Bel – KOREA

WELT is the world’s smartest belt. Track food intake, keep tabs on the activity level, and manage weight.


Whishupon - KOREA

We are making a universal wishlist, and we are trying pushing the boundaries of Shopping beyond Entertainment.


Smart Company - KOREA

How many of you been parking problem experience that chaos? So, we are introducing a solution by smart sensor solve some of the parking issue.


Koshk Comics – EGYPT  

Koshk Comics is the world’s first Vertical Social Network for Comic Artists to connect, and self-publish their comic books.


ThinkTank – TAIWAN

THINKTANK develops AI ecosystem for SmartCity with Internet of People, we use people as sensors.


Stay tuned: #StartBizParis