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Opening of The Cargo, Europe’s largest business incubator


On 10th March 2016, the inauguration of The Cargo took place, a 15.000 m² building entirely dedicated to innovation, which is also Europe’s largest business incubator.

At the centre of the reconversion of the Macdonald warehouses, the building is located in the North-East of Paris. This building with a unique architecture was imagined and designed by the architect Odile Decq.

The first project in the « Arc de l’innovation », the Cargo will be entirely devoted to digital content and to creative industries.  There will be a blend of entrepreneurs, researchers, artists, artisans, students, social partners, and all those who embody the Parisian and international cultural digital expansion.

The six floors of the building will welcome incubators, one dedicated to digital content and creative industries, under the management of Paris&Co, the other dedicated to new design technologies, manufacturing and construction, under the aegis of Impulse Partners. Finally, a company hotel will be managed by the RIVP.