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Key figures in innovation in 2014



Results from 2014: an upturn in activity and fund raising

On 31/12/2014, Paris&Co Incubateurs has assisted 591 companies in different incubation programmes, with a sustainability rate of 78%, including 51 buyouts. The annual survey carried out by Paris&Co with the companies in the incubators (current and former) has proven 2014 to be a good year, after disappointing years in 2012 and 2013.


Fund raising: a record year

The private funds raised in 2014 reached a grand total of €85 M, a record!


Quite naturally, the companies that have come out of incubation rank the highest on the podium, with high fund raising by Synthesio and Novapost in particular, picked out by Frenchweb amongst the 10 highest fund raisers in 2014:


Amongst the companies incubated in 2014, 59 raised private funds over the year: love money, business angels tour but also financing by VCs, with nine examples of fund raising of over a million euros: La Belle Assiette, Studyka or Airinov for example.


A major increase in combined turnover

There was also a notable increase in sales business: €510 M in combined turnover in 2014 compared with €403 M in 2013 (total base of 506 companies assisted in 2013 and 591 in 2014). Though the typical difference may be important, this year 66 companies declared turnover of more than 1 million euros.

On the downside, the overall sustainability rate this year fell to 78% (80% in 2013).


Start-ups as major job creators

Another positive figure from 2014 is the combined workforce of the companies (Full Time Equivalent) that reached 5,435 jobs in 2014: an increase of 26% compared with 2013, for an increase in the number of assisted companies of only 16%.


Lastly, amongst the 463 companies in business, nearly half declared a presence outside France (45%): a real challenge for our incubators to beat in 2015!


*The survey was carried out through a questionnaire sent to companies assisted since the start of our incubating activity in 1998 and/or the aggregation of public information. We would like to thank the vast majority of them who took part once again.


Incubation with Paris&Co keeps changing

Publishing this annual review is obviously an opportunity for a quick focus on our own activities. Our figures lead us to exaggerate a little, because exactly 199 companies (and not 200) have benefited from the different programmes in 2014.


Of note in 2014: the development of innovation platforms, such as Labo de l’Edition or the Welcome City Lab, that use themed incubators to bring together the different players in a business line: key accounts, institutions, academia, other projects or start-ups etc. In the last year, this gave rise to platforms such as E-Santé [E-health] in Boucicaut and Tremplin, which just picked out its first intake of 17 start-ups from the world of sports. A trend that is set to continue in 2015.


There are evermore private partners joining us in these multi-corporate platforms or for specific programmes: today there are 34 working with the start-ups and teams in the incubators in these different formats.