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Attractiveness: Paris has progressed to become 4th in the world


Paris is ranked as the « 4th most attractive city in the world », according to the latest study “Cities of Opportunity” (PwC). It has gone up two places since the last study, which was carried out in 2014.

The rankings have been updated and all show the same trend: the attractiveness of Paris has increased throughout the years. The French capital is currently the fourth most attractive city in the world, according to the Cities of Opportunity ranking, carried out by the auditors PwC, two places up from 2014. Only London, Singapore and Toronto are ranked higher. 

Paris has shown its strengths in all the areas evaluated.  « It has shown a very consistent performance. It is the only city ranked in the top 10 in 9 of the 10 criteria areas, demonstrating a great strength.», Fabien Goffi, the Public Sector Associate at PwC France, has stated.


Paris has shown particular strength in its living environment 

In this area, Paris has progressed from 7th to 1st place since the start of Anne Hidalgo’s mandate.  This excellent result comes from a number of factors, such as the integration of the public transport (1st in the world), cultural vitality (2nd) or even the diversity of its public gardens (3rd). « This proves that our public space development policy is pertinent.  When pedestrians are allowed to walk along the banks of the Left Bank (2013) and now the banks of the Right Bank, it sends out a very positive message internationally and attractiveness is reinforced », Jean-Louis Missika, Assistant to the Mayor and Head of Urbanism and Economic Development, explains

On the podium when it comes to « innovation and intellectual capital»

PwC ranks Paris « 3rd in the world for innovation and intellectual capital », given its universities, libraries, the level of education of its population or even its capacity to protect intellectual property.


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