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About M2COMM, just landed in Paris


A handful of engineers in Taiwan set out in 2012 to bridge the missing last-mile connectivity for wireless objects – and started a venture in France and Japan leading the industrial-grade internet of things.

What do you do ?

M2COMM shake retail, manufacturing, logistics, farming, real-estate companies with next gen turnkey solutions: Price tags that interact with consumers, wireless sensor networks autonomous over a whole city, smart meeting rooms and parking lots, ...

Why did you choose Paris ?

Paris is the heart of the European startup scene in general. It is a neuralgic point of hardware-enabled connected objects. French people think analytically and design with creativity, so just like Surrealism and other art genres in the early 1900’s, Paris is now again the place to meet your peers when it comes to thoughtful ventures.

Paris Landing Pack is a new concept and you’re one of the 1st investors to use it. What do you think about it ?

The Paris Landing Pack is the best way M2COMM found to maximize its visibility as a foreign startup previously in stealth. Surfing the Paris startup wave: Participating to high-profile events, getting invited to business tenders, mingling with like-minded entrepreneurs, getting insightful support with rock-bottom costs, sharing resources with fellow startups.

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