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The french tech rocket ship is ready for take off now lets fuel it with ambition

French startups raised a record-breaking €420m+ in September


There were two big news at the end of last month regarding the French tech ecosystem. Firstly, French VCs have raised more than any other country in Europe in H1 2017 according to Dealroom (and confirmed by Yannick Roux’ spreadsheet) and on the receiving end of the VC marketplace, French startups raised a record-breaking €420m+ in September (+45.8% YoY).

What’s the explanation for this momentum in the French tech scene?



So, French VCs raised €2.7bn in H1 2017. To put this into perspective, €2.7bn is the same amount that French startups raised in the entirety of 2016, indicating that the trend is here to stay. Most of the big French VC players announced a new fund in 2016 or 2017, and some new players raised their first one. The late Seed / Series A spot is now armed with a huge amount of capital


2017 for the first time ever France leads with 2;7 bilion funds raised  vs 2,3 bilion in the UK


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